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Midosuji Street

Midosuji is a 4 km main street that connects Umeda and Namba. It was first opened in 1937, and is well known for the roughly 970 Gingko trees that line both sides of the road. Midosuji street is a business center home to many banks and main branches of companies. The beautiful scenery of Gingko trees interwoven with the offices landed the street on Yomiuri Shimbun's top 100 list of roadside trees in Japan. Since 2018, with involvement from the city, plans were proposed to add pedestrian sidewalks to create a 3km road from Yodoyabashi to Namba by 2037 that's completely traversable by foot. This goes hand-in-hand with multi-stage projects for road expansion, abolishment of one-way streets, and investigations into influencing factors of traffic congestion, slated for 2020 and 2025. In the Minami area, shopping districts like Shinsaibashisuji and Ebisubashisuji run parallel, intersected by fashion centers like Minamisenba and America Mura. Attention is also turning to the 29 scultures added as new tourist attractions, made by famous artists such as Henry Moore, Auguste Rodin, known for the thinking man, and Kotaro Takamura.


Umeda, Kita-ku〜Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka

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    In addition to banks and main branches of famous companies, Midosuji also has the famous Namba Shrine. If you want to walk this street, we recommend going from Shinsaibashi to Namba. You can see Dotonbori's Ebisu Bridge and Glico sign along the way, which are iconic in Osaka. We definitely recommend going and getting some pictures there. You can also get to America Mura from the corner of the nearby Don Quijote. Additionly, you can find luxury hotels such as the St. Regis Osaka and Hotel Nikko Osaka on the Midosuji.


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