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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Guided Tours/Tickets/Activities in Osaka City Minami Area(Shinsaibashi, Namba, Nipponbashi)

Area Info

Osaka City Minami Area(Shinsaibashi, Namba, Nipponbashi) Area Info

This is Osaka's Minami area, a hub for youth culture. Concentrated in Shinsaibashi and America Mura are lots of department stores and large retail shops. You also have Osaka Shochikuza Theatre, Namba Grand Kagetsu, TOHO Cinemas Namba for viewing entertaiment. It is also known for large signs like the mechanical grab and the glico man. With plenty of cheap and delicious eats, the Minami area combines the traditional and the modern into one of Japan's largest commercial districts.

Osaka City Minami Area(Shinsaibashi, Namba, Nipponbashi) Cultural/Historical Info

Why the name Minami? In Japanese, the word means south and from the point of view of Senba, which remains a center for Osaka's economy and culture, the area is in the south. The beginnings of this port town coincides with Toyotomi Hideyoshi's construction of Osaka Castle, which brought a large number of vassals and warriors. To sustain the growing population, food and daily necessities were brought from Kyoto and surrounding areas by way of the port.

Osaka City Minami Area(Shinsaibashi, Namba, Nipponbashi) Sightseeing Info

Recognized as the face of Osaka, the Glico Sign stands beside Ebisu Bridge.
Running in the waters below is the Tombori River Cruise. This short 20 minute cruise that comes with a guide, is popular for stopping to take pictures in front of the Glico Sign. Other hot spots include Osaka Shochikuza Theatre, which has performances like Kabuki and plays, and Hozenji, a temple in the middle of Minami.

Osaka City Minami Area(Shinsaibashi, Namba, Nipponbashi) Transportation/Access Info

Several lines from the Metro, JR, and private railways connect at the Minami's entrance, Namba. The Metro lines, Midosuji, Sennichimae, and Yotsubashi are all connected, making it easy to transfer without having to exit the ticket gate. The Nankai Line connects Namba and Kansai International Airport, with 6 trains leaving every hour. You can get there in as fast as 34 minutes, making it a convent way for travelers to get out of the city.

Osaka City Minami Area(Shinsaibashi, Namba, Nipponbashi) Activity Info

From cruises that run through the river beneath the Glico Sign, to workshops for making sushi and Osaka's specialty, takoyaki, we have lots of fun activities available. For tours, go on a night walk tour and find out what the night is like in the city that doesn't sleep, Minami. Or try out the food and drinks that "deep" Ura Namba has to offer in DE original guided tour.