Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau shares a fun, welcoming, dynamic Osaka City with the world! They aim to keep Osaka's status as a world-class tourist destination. Osaka castle, the main motif in their logo, is a recognizable symbol of exuberant Osaka: a bustling, lively crossroad for travelers and locals. The rays of light in the background symbolize "Osaka shining before the world." These images, reminiscent of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, evoke thoughts of Osaka as a city brimming with history and culture. The logo is available in two colors. The main color, gold, is evocative of the dazzling light of a sunrise and symbolizes a bright future of continued progress and growth for Osaka, while the blue symbolizes Osaka's status as an aquatic metropolis.


Osaka Night Out

『Osaka Night Out』 is a portal dedicated to introducing you to just some of the exciting nightlife opportunities on offer after 9pm in Japan’s most vibrant and diverse regional metropolis. Launched in February 2019, it will be regularly updated and expanded, offering not only up-to-date information on new local hot spots, but also special discount coupons that can be used at officially vetted establishments simply by display on one’s smartphone. We sincerely hope you find it a valuable resource to help make your stay in Osaka even more enjoyable and memorable than we know it will already be.