For Safe Enjoyment of DeepExperience Original Guided Tours

To prevent the further spread of COVID-19,
we are taking the following measures in conducting our guided tours.

Efforts on the part of DeepExperience

Screening of Facilities
(ex. restaurants)

We conduct a check of facilities for hygienic practices, and only take you to those determined to be safe.

Tour Guide Health Management

We require guides to provide daily reports of physical condition (fever, tiredness, cough, etc.)

Concern Regarding Foreigners

We confirm with facilities that they have no problems accepting foreigners before taking you there.

E-mail Contact
(at time of booking)

We ask that partipants confirm date of entry into Japan and other countries visited within a month.

Requests we ask of you, our customers

We ask that you comply with DeepExperience’s guidelines, which the guide will explain at time of meeting.

01 MaskMask

Please wear a mask
during the tour.

02 Temperature measurementTemperature measurement

Please allow us
to check your temperature.

03 ShareShare

Please do not share food
with the guide.

04 DisinfectionDisinfection

Please regularly disinfect
your hands.

05 Social distanceSocial distance

Please maintain your distance
from others during
social interactions.

Please fill out and sign the check list/agreement.

※If you have a fever of 37.5°C or higher, the tour will be canceled (full refund provided).
※If the check sheet is not filled out, we cannot conduct the tour.

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