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Guided Tours/Tickets/Activities in Osaka City Chuo Area(Osaka Castle, Kyobashi)

Area Info

Osaka City Chuo Area(Osaka Castle, Kyobashi) Area Info

East Osaka City has large parks like Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park and Osaka Castle Park. Around Osaka Castle is also the Nishinomaru Garden, which is a well-known spot for cherry blossoms. As Osaka's most well-known leisure spot, it also has the charm of lots of green vegetation and being a convenient place to live. It is primarily a residential area, with lots of housing options, but there are also large shopping malls, which make it popular among people looking to start a family.

Osaka City Chuo Area(Osaka Castle, Kyobashi) Cultural/Historical Info

The symbol of Osaka, Osaka Castle, was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi as a base during his efforts to unify the country. It is said that the castle was originally 4 times its current size. However, the summer siege of Osaka in 1615 resulted in the ruin of both the castle and the Toyotomi clan. After its collapse, it was left negelected for a while. But in 1620, the Tokugawa Shogunate began the rebuilding process. Afterwards, in 1665, a bolt of lightning destroyed the castle keep. The current version was rebuilt in 1931 and further renovated in the large-scale Heisei renovation in 1995〜1997.

Osaka City Chuo Area(Osaka Castle, Kyobashi) Sightseeing Info

In the Osaka Castle area are several sightseeing spots like Osaka-Jo Hall, the plum grove, and Nishimomaru Garden. Also, by Hachiken-Yahama Pier, where many cruise ships dock, are well-kept footpaths that are illuminated with lights after dark and reflect a spectacular night view on the water.

Osaka City Chuo Area(Osaka Castle, Kyobashi) Transportation/Access Info

At Kyobashi Station, the JR Tozai Line, Keihan Main Line, Osaka Loop Line, and Osaka Metro Nagahori Tsurumi-ryokuchi Line allow for easy transit within the city as well as to Kyoto. You can also get to Osaka Castle without having to transfer by taking either the Metro or the Keihan. Hachiken-Yahama Pier provides access to boats like Osaka Suijyo Bus.

Osaka City Chuo Area(Osaka Castle, Kyobashi) Activity Info

We have lots of workshops in this area. From Japanese udon noodles and broth to tea and Japanese sweets. Join a Japanese craftsman and make a stamp or create an handmade accessory with origami paper. We also have a tour of Osaka Castle, where you can learn about the famous landmark with our knowledgable guide.