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DeepExperience is a travel site dedicated to introducing all travelers to amazing, "DEEP" activities and guided tours like you can't find anywhere else.
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Our Mission

To "CONNECT" People and Bring Out Their Best Smiles

By creating a bridge between people and cultures that transcends countries,
we work to connect foreign visitors, hosts, and the local residents.


A plethora of unique, popular and unforgettable activities await!

We have prepared many awesome things for you to do and see that aren't well-known among foreign travelers. You'll even find a few exclusive experiences that can't be booked anywhere else but through DeepExperience!

Last minute bookings,
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Already in Japan and have some free time? No problem. We have lots of activities you can join immediately and great deals on plans.

Original guided tours by DeepExperience!

Try a DeepExperience original tour and enjoy your destination with one of our professional guides. From popular tours like bar hopping, food crawls, and historical walks to "deep" experiences with the locals, you'll be sure to make unforgettable memories!


Types of Experiences

The icon on the upper left-hand corner of a product thumbnail indicates which of the 3 types of experiences it is.

  • Small Group Guided Tours Created and Operated by DeepExperience

    All our tours are unique, guided by our local experts. Whether you would like to immerse yourself into the rich history and culture through the eyes of a local, or enjoy the best food only the locals know about, we offer you unique experiences you can't get anywhere else. Join your fellow travelers from all over the world and delve deeper than ever before.

  • Activities

    There are many fun and interesting activities we have in store for you and our editorial staff here at DeepExperience have tried them all! This way we can bring you detailed, first-hand, objective information about each activity!

  • Tickets

    You can also purchase tickets with DeepExperience. We also plan to provide you with a wider se

Types of Bookings

The icon at the upper left-hand corner of a plan indicates which of the 2 types of bookings it is.

  • Instant Bookings

    Instant bookings are confirmed as soon as you make the reservation. If you're already in Japan, and have some extra free time, then we recommend instant bookings. At DeepExperience, we're continuously working to provide you with tons of content that you can book and do right away. Plans fell through and trying to find something else to do? Look for this icon.

  • Request Bookings

    Request bookings requires the host to verify the plan availability before they can be confirmed. Choose your desired date and time, and you'll receive a response within 48 hours.