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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

New, Exciting Experiences You've Never Had Before!

DeepExperience OSAKA is a travel site dedicated to introducing everyone visiting Osaka to amazing,
"DEEP" activities and guided tours unlike what you can find anywhere else.
Try DeepExperience OSAKA and find meaningful experiences to make your trip truly memorable.

Our Mission

To "CONNECT" People and Bring Out Their Best Smiles

By creating a bridge between people and cultures that transcends countries,
we work to connect foreign visitors, hosts, and the local residents.


Unique to Osaka
Lots of awesome activities!

Want something special to do? We've got plenty of awesome activities not yet known to foreign travelers, everything from history, culture, food, entertainment, sports, etc.

Last minute bookings,
and same day deals!

Already in the middle of traveling and have some free time? No problem. We have many activities you can join immediately, as well as deals on limited-time same day plans.

Found nowhere else,
original guided tours by DeepExperience

Original small group tours led by a professional DeepExperience guide. Here you'll be sure to find memorable experiences including bar hopping, food crawls, and historical tours.