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Guided Tours/Tickets/Activities in Osaka City Bay Area(USJ, Kaiyukan)

Area Info

Osaka City Bay Area(USJ, Kaiyukan) Area Info

As the name suggests, Osaka's Bay Area is right on the waterfront. It encompasses Hokuko, Yumeshima, Universal City, Tempozan, and Nanko. The 2025 World Expo will be held in Yumeshima. In preparation for the event, the bay area is currently undergoing development, and there are high expectations for its future.

Osaka City Bay Area(USJ, Kaiyukan) Cultural/Historical Info

During the Edo period, Osaka Port was reclaimed land. In 1933, plans to develop the south port, Nanko, were underway, but halted due to the Pacific War. Later, in 1958, development restarted on the artificial islands of Yumeshima, Sakishima, and Maishima. In 1887, the beach and popular amusement park where many tourists and locals go was created.

Osaka City Bay Area(USJ, Kaiyukan) Sightseeing Info

Popular spots in the Bay Area include Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, and the Santa Maria cruise ship. Universal Studios Japan and the aquarium in particular are popular tourist destinations all year round, for everyone from children to the elderly.

Osaka City Bay Area(USJ, Kaiyukan) Transportation/Access Info

For access to the Bay Area, you can take the Metro Chuo Line, the JR Yumesaki Line, and the Nanko Port Town Line. You can get from Osaka Station to Universal City in about 10 minutes, without having to transfer. Also, you can use the boat, Captain line, to conveniently go between Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan〜Universal City Port.

Osaka City Bay Area(USJ, Kaiyukan) Activity Info

Nearby the aquarium is a place where you can make your own original takoyaki with a variety of ingredients. We have fun activites for both kids and adults here.