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Hozenji Temple

Hozenji is a temple of Jodo Buddhism hiding in the middle of Namba's commercial district. Its serenity is an oasis from the city, making it a popular spot for tourists. From Namba Station, it's only a 10-minute walk away. The moss-covered statue is of Amitabha, and is said to grant one wish, regardless of what it may be. Nearby is Hozenji Yokocho, which is an 80m long, 3m wide street with a facade that remains unchanged from the past. You'll find it filled with shops from old-fashioned restaurant and bars, to okonomiyaki and kushikatsu places. One of the charateristics of this path is its stone pavement which resonates with the sounds of footsteps that come and go. Within the premises of Hozenji is Ohatsu Tenjin, a small shrine that is said to house the god of prosperity and abundance. This is a great place to visit if you're interested in the religious beliefs of the Japanese.


1-2-16 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0076

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5 mins. walking from Osaka Metro Midosuji Line/Sennichimae Line, Kintetsu, Nankai [Namba Station]

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    Hozenji Temple, located midway through Sennichimae-dori Shopping Arcade, may be a bit difficult to find, but past Sennichimae-dori Street and before Dotonbori is a stone monument on the left. Using that as marker, turn left and keep going straight. It should come into view. Here, you can get an omikuji, a paper that is drawn, containing a written fortune said to be a message from the gods. Give it a try if you're in the area.


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