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Tonda is the site of the famous Fumonji Temple, and flourished as a temple town during the mid-16th century. During the early Edo period, the area enjoyed a sudden rise to fame thanks to the growth of alcohol distilleries. However, as the neighboring areas like Ikeda, Itami, and Nada became active in the brewing business, Tonda conversely saw its decline. Today, there remain a couple of distilleries where traditional methods and techniques as well as the local flavor continue to be passed down to future generations. In addition to breweries with characteristic white walls, traditional construction features like gabled roofs, stucco mushikomados, and latticed windows remain as a reminder of the prosperity of older times. The origin of the name, Tonda, comes from "Tonden," fields that belonged to the imperial household before the Ritsuryo system. In 1889, it was organized into an independently governed area established as Shimakamigun Tondamura. In 1925, the town was organized into Tondabayashi, and in 1956, it was incorporated into Takatsuki City. Tonda can be conveniently accessed by way of JR Settsu-Tonda Station.


Tondacho, Takatsuki, Osaka


Hankyu Kyoto Main Line [Tonda Station]
JR Kyoto Line [Settsu-Tonda Station]

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    Around Settsu-Tonda Station are a bunch of restaurants. Just 7 minutes from the station are famous temples like Fumonji Temple, so you can go and check out a few of them. Because Settsu-Tonda has access to great groundwater and rice for brewing, it was famous for being Japan's oldest well-known brewing locale. Tonda is also known as the birthplace of Osaka's first local beer.


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