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Sakuranomiya is the name of the area in Osaka's Miyakojima-ku, known for lush, green school zones alongside the large river. The origin of the name originally comes from Sakuranomiya Shrine, located in the same ward. The story goes that the shrine was the most famous place for cherry blossoms in Osaka, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi, moved upon witnessing the full bloom of the trees, used the grounds for horseback archery. The trees were wiped out when the Yodogawa River flooded in 1621, but the name is a remnant of the fact that it was famous for its cherry blossoms. Sakuranomiya is a station on the JR Osaka Loop Line, 2 stops away from Osaka Station. Residential housing lines the area by the station, and beside it is the river, with a footpath for a relaxing walk. There are lots of sightseeing spots like Kyusakuranomiya Kokaido, a designated cultural property and the Imperial Hotel. You can occasionally see people walking along the river from Sakuranomiya Station to the Japan Mint in the passage of cherry blossom trees. And in July, during the Tenjin Festival, the traffic around Temmangu is regulated so you can see long lines of people in front of the station trying to get home at night.


Nakanocho, Miyakojima-ku, Osaka


JR Osaka Loop Line [Sakuranomiya Station]

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    In Sakuranomiya, we recommend taking a walk along the riverside during cherry blossom season. Cross Ganpachi Bridge and walk to get to the Imperial Hotel Osaka, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the first floor cafe. If you ride the Aqua Liner from OAP Pier, you can also see the cherry blossoms from the luxury of a boat. For those who aren't a fan of crowds, you can try walking from Imperial Hotel Osaka to the Japan Mint to get to the cherry blossom trees. The bridge right by the mint is called Sakuranomiya Bridge and is well-known as a structure by the architect Tadao Ando.


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