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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink!

  • Authentic Foodie Tour of Osaka's representitive food (You gonna be super full)
  • Hanging out with local guide in deep osaka night cultureal area
  • Top quality food of Takoyaki, Sushi, BBQ, and Ramen
  • Alcohol or Soft Drink are included such as Sake, Beer, cocktail, coke etc.
Duration2.5 Hours


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Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink!


・Tour: 2.5 Hours
・Meet in front of the McDonald's near exit 8 of Tenjinbashisuji Rokuchome Station

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6-chome-7-16 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0041, Japan


Tenjinbashi Rokuchome Station (Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line/Tanimachi Line)

Activity Information

Authentic Osaka style Foodie Tour

The Tenjinbashi area is a really unique and amazing place, with not many foreign tourists yet. This place can be regarded as one large dining area. Enjoy Japanese food & drink in a bar hopping style. In total, you will visit 4 places: takoyaki, sushi, BBQ, and ramen. The guide has researched restaurants in this area for a long time, and he will take you to lesser-known spots with fantastic food. These are not fancy restaurants, but the food is top quality, the “Soul” of Osaka.

Tenjinbashi is the longest shopping street in Japan. The guide will show you around the scenic Osaka night town. There are lots of cool places that aren't known even to Japanese people. So after traveling with your guide, you'll feel very comfortable, like a local. The guide will try to provide an unforgettable time with Osaka night life & food.
Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink! Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink!


If you've come to Osaka, there's one food you can't leave without trying, takoyaki.
You'll go to the guide's recommended shop and have some as the night's appetizer.
Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink! Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink!

Sushi and Sake

The second place is fresh sushi at a sushi bar restaurant.
You can enjoy 3 - 4 of the best seasonal sushi with fresh sake. Hot green tea is also available.
Please enjoy authentic high-quality sushi in one of the most popular spots in a competitive area.
The guide will show you how to eat sushi and tell you about its cultural background.
Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink! Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink!

Wagyu Beef BBQ

After strolling around the drinking area, it's on to a BBQ restaurant to taste juicy wagyu meat and wash it down with local beer or other drinks.
Please enjoy top quality wagyu beef which is often discribed as "melt in your mouth." Sometimes you can have funny conversations with local customers.
Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink! Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink!


To finish things off, the last stop will be a ramen shop popular with the locals.
You can choose between 2 differents soups, chicken-based or fish-based, and tsukemen (dipping style with soup on the side).
A small portion size is available for those who have just about reached their limit and for spicy lovers, spicy miso topping is also avaialble. At the end, you will be really full and satisfied. It'll probably be an unforgettable Osaka night.
Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink! Deep Osaka Night Life, Eat & Drink!

Important Notes

・Maximum 6 people (space is limited in some restaurants)
・Arrangements can be made for vegetarians
・Soft drinks are also available
・Guests under 20 are not legally able to drink
・Please specify any allergies or dietary restrictions before the tour.
Cancellation Policy