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Deep Food Tour and Bar Hopping in Temma

  • Go one stop from Osaka Station and into the past! Get a taste of retro "Ura Namba" in this "Barhopping" experience!
  • Go with an expert guide and enjoy local foods and drinks on this food tour!
  • Sample Japanese "Nomikai" drinking culture in a local bar district.
  • No need to limit yourself to touristy shops or worry about the language barrier♪
  • Stop by 2 surprising streets on the way to the bars!
DaysEveryday (Except Monday)
Time6:00pm~ / 7:00pm~ / 8:00pm~
Duration2 Hours / 3 Hours
MeetTemma Station (Near McDonalds)
CancellationFull Refund Up To 2 Days Prior
Tour No.G-005


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TEMMA: “Deep” Food Tour of Local Favorites (2 Hour Plan)


※ Please bring cash, as many places do not accept other forms of payment.
※ Budget for each restaurant should be around 1500~3000 yen.
※ Number of participants: 1~6 ppl.
※ If you want to book a private tour, please send an email to contact@deep-exp.com.

TEMMA: “Deep” Food Tour of Local Favorites (3 Hour Plan)


※ Please bring cash, as many places do not accept other forms of payment.
※ Budget for each restaurant should be around 1500~3000 yen.
※ Number of participants: 1~6 ppl.
※ If you want to book a private tour, please send an email to contact@deep-exp.com.

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Meeting Place

Temma Station (Near McDonalds)


1 stop from Osaka Station (Osaka Loop Line)


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  • Traveler

    Highly enjoyable indept local food tour (customized and private)

    We'd like to thank our tour guides Yuta and Tad for providing us for an unforgettable and interesting tour and insight into Japanese food culture and customs. They are people from different backgrounds but share a passion for the travel industry and it shows, resulting in a highly enjoyable personalized experience and making us feel very welcome.

    As for the tour itself, we requested a customized private tour since we're somewhat familiar with Japanese cuisine and wanted to try something different than the standard yakitori, okinomiyaki, takoyaki, sushi etc.
    and wanted to taste new, uncommon and interesting things.

    These guys provided just that and more by showing us around in a more local restaurant area and visiting 3 totally different places. We also got to know a lot of background of the foods and culture. To name a few things, but not spoil everything: fried stingray fin and hoppy (local beer replacement drink).

    Plan:TEMMA: “Deep” Food Tour of Local Favorites (2 Hour Plan)

    When did you visit?:December 2019

  • Traveler







    Plan:TEMMA: “Deep” Food Tour of Local Favorites (3 Hour Plan)

    When did you visit?:August 2019

Tour Information

Itinerary *2 hr Course: 2 Bars, 3 hr Course: 3 Bars

(ex: 6 pm Start 3 hr Course)
 18:00 Tour Start, Visit 1st bar
 19:00 Walk through Chochin-dori, Take pictures
 19:15 Visit 2nd bar
 20:00 Visit 3rd bar
 20:50 Walk through Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street to Temma Station
 21:00 Tour End

*This schedule is just for reference. There may be changes in your final itinerary.

Discover new places with your local guide!

If you’ve done your research on Osaka, then you may have heard of Temma. Maybe you’re even thinking about trying some of the many authentic, local restaurants, but their menus are only in Japanese and the staff don’t speak English...so you’re hesitant, possibly deciding against it. Or maybe, this is your first time hearing about Temma. Either way, why not come along with us for an in-depth tour and explore what this unforgettable place has to offer? Discover the charm, the energy of Temma and you may find yourself not wanting to leave.

Temma is only one station away from Umeda. It’s known for having the longest shopping street in all of Japan, Tenjinbashisuji Shopping Street! Spanning 2.6 km over 3 stations, there are more than 600 stores! But that’s not all! It’s also home to Ura Temma, a lesser-known part of town that’s a favorite for locals. If you check the map, you’ll see every nook and cranny decorated with a restaurant’s logo. It’s the perfect place for a Japanese bar hopping adventure! It may be a little cramped, but that also brings people closer together.

If you want a truly authentic Japanese experience, but don’t know where to start, then try out our tour of Temma. Go along with one of our specialists, and other travelers like yourself from all over the world. Make new friends, get to know the locals, and indulge in delicious Japanese food and sake. We’ll take you to 3 different, but authentic restaurant/bars in the short time we have together so that you can try all kinds of foods and find out why the Japanese love bar hopping so much.
Deep Food Tour and Bar Hopping in Temma Deep Food Tour and Bar Hopping in Temma

Yakitori, one of Japan’s most popular foods!

When talking about what kind of food you want to go with your drinks, yakitori is almost always included as an option. Chicken is lean and packs a lot of protein, so even people on a diet don’t have to worry about holding back. It’s cheap, goes well with alcohol, can be made different ways and paired with various sauces for many flavor combinations. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular. If you’re feeling adventurous, there are some unusual options too, like tail meat, cartilage, or heart.
Deep Food Tour and Bar Hopping in Temma Deep Food Tour and Bar Hopping in Temma

Taste the natural flavor of Sushi and Sashimi!

Sushi, sashimi. Hearing these two words no doubt calls to mind Japan. These days, not just Japanese, but people all over the world will say that missing out on raw fish is missing out on one of the pleasures of life. The different varieties of fish make the dish very colorful and you can’t help but take pics of it. It’s fresh, bite-sized, low calorie; there are so many great things about sushi that even if you’re full, you’ll end up ordering more and more without thinking about it. There are so many delicious, unknown seafood restaurants waiting for us!
Deep Food Tour and Bar Hopping in Temma Deep Food Tour and Bar Hopping in Temma

Yakiniku, everyone’s favorite, grilled meat!

“What’s your favorite Japanese food?” No matter where they’re from, the first thing that most people think of is, without a doubt, sushi or yakiniku. Japanese people love yakiniku, some have it 2~3 times a week, even 4~5 times wouldn’t be unusual. If you want to treat yourself or celebrate a special occasion, the place to go is yakiniku. Japanese yakiniku is primarily beef. Thinly sliced cuts that seem to melt the instant you put them in your mouth make it hard to resist and insanely addicting! You can enjoy it different ways, with different sauces like soy, sesame, salt, miso, lemon, etc. You can also enjoy uniques styles depending on the restaurant. So join us on the search for the most delicious yakiniku!
Deep Food Tour and Bar Hopping in Temma Deep Food Tour and Bar Hopping in Temma

A perfect end to finish!

After a night of drinking and eating out at a few places, Japanese people like to finish things off with a good helping of carbs. The usual pick is ramen, or chazuke, which is a dish combining rice and tea. Udon is also a great choice! The residual juices and oils of the meat blend perfectly for an absolutely delicious flavor.
Time always flies when you’re having fun! We hope you leave so satisfied that it won’t be goodbye, but until we meet again!

Guide Introduction

  • Ryota
    English, Japanese

    Hello. My name is Ryota. Please call me "Ryo" for short. I'm a government-licensed tour guide-interpreter. Soon after I was born in chiba prefecture, I was taken to Kansai region where I grew up. I love music, history, and the Japanese culture, but science is not my cup of tea. I'll pull out all the stops to lead you to a deep insight into the Japanese cultural aspect like the difference between a buddhist temple and a shinto shrine and the Japanese way of thinking. I assure you that my guiding will knock your socks off. You can take my word for it.

  • Marin
    English, Japanese

    Hi, I’m Marin from Kobe. I used to live in Kyoto and Australia, then I’m a local in Osaka now! I studied English and tourism in Australia for 2 years, it’s just because to be an English guide in Japan for you!
    I was working as tour guide in Cairns, Australia for a year after got many experiences at travel agency in Japan for more than 3 years.
    And of course I love to travel like same as you! I’ve been to 20 countries so far.
    I really like to talk with everyone, let me make you smile! Hope to see you soon:)

  • Yuta
    English, Japanese, French

    Hi everyone, my name is Yuta. Thank you for coming to Japan (hope you've already decided!). I am originally from Japanese pizza country Hiroshima, then I spent my youth in Osaka, Manchester, Tokyo, Paris and Montreal. I am looking forward to seeing you in Japan and will give you a wonderful tour for the most unforgettable memories!

  • Minori
    English, Japanese, Korean

    Hello, I’m Minori! I was born and grew up in Osaka, so this is my hometown!
    I love talking to people from all over the world, eating food and sweets, and going to the Sento, a kind of Japanese public bath. I hope you like too! :3
    Osaka has a lot of attractions, so I’d like to show you what local people do, what they eat, and what they enjoy in Osaka.
    I TRY to do my best, and WISH your trip would be wonderful. Thank you very much, Arigato!!

  • Saki
    English, Japanese

    Hi, I am Saki! I was born in Awaji Island. I used to live in Hiroshima and Vancouver. And now I live in Osaka! I enjoy it here, cause there are a lot of nice places such as Osaka castle park, good restaurants, cafes, and Izakayas (Japanese pubs). I would like to go there with you guys. I’m sure we will have a good time. I am looking forward to seeing you in Osaka, and having a wonderful time together! See you soon!

  • Masumi
    English, Japanese

    Hello everyone! I’m Masumi. I grew up in Osaka and lived on the Gold Coast in Australia.
    I love nature, city life, temples, shrines, delicious food, and Japanese sake. I really like talking with people from other countries. Osaka is a lively, gourmet and historic city. The locals are friendly. I would like to introduce you amazing places that you would want to tell others about. Enjoy Osaka! I’m excited about meeting you.

  • Yumi
    English, Japanese

    Hi, there, I’m Yumi! I grew up in Nara, which is a small prefecture next to Osaka, and used to live in Australia for a few years. I’ve been really keen on traveling around the world and meeting new people. So, I’d love to talk with you and enjoy every moment together here in Osaka. Even though Osaka isn’t my hometown, I used to work here for 5 years and it's where I spent my early and mid 20’s. That’s why I have lots of my favorite things which I’d like to recommend you! I’d say you can have brilliant and memorable experiences with me in this exciting and lively city! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you guys :)

  • Hiro
    English, Japanese

    I was born and raised in Osaka, and have also lived in the Philippines and Canada for two years. I’ve been to many Asian countries to find good food, always on the lookout for the best restaurants. I really love eating, drinking, and playing soccer, and am looking forward to meeting everyone in Japan!

  • Mina
    English, Japanese

    Hello, everyone! I’m MINAKO. Please call me MINA. I grew up in Osaka. I really like eating, so I travel all over the world to seek delicious food: ) I’ve visited Canada, US, Taiwan, Philippine and Thailand. I also love talking, drinking, stroll, singing, cooking and snowboarding.
    Osaka has a lot of attractive points which I would love to recommend you, so let’s have a wonderful time in Osaka together! I’m really looking forward to seeing you. Thank you very much.

Important Notes

※ Please arrive ON TIME.
※ If you are more than 5 minutes late, you may not be able to join the tour.
※ According to Japanese law, you must be at least 20 years of age to consume alcohol.
※ Please be aware that many Japanese restaurants and bars allow for smoking inside.
※ Food and drinks are not included in the price.
※ Please bring cash, as many places do not accept other forms of payment.
※ Budget for each restaurant should be around 1500~3000 yen.
※ There is NO NEED to pay for the guide’s food and drinks.
※ Please order at least one drink and one food item from each restaurant.
※ Remember to bring ID (ex: Passport).
※ Detailed directions and tour information will be sent via e-mail. Please check your e-mail prior to the tour.
Cancellation Policy