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Lined with trendy cafes and brand shops targeting younger crowds, the neighborhood of Horie has an easygoing atmosphere that differs from Kita and Minami. You can see many people here following the latest trends. It's just a minute walk away from Yotsubashi Station. After the area was scorched in the Bombing of Osaka in 1945, the previously evacuated people started to return. New furniture stores then started appearing one after another in Horie's Tachibana-dori, now known by the name of Orange Street. Around 1998, the major record company Being Inc. made advancements with their subsidiary, GIZA studio, suddenly and dramatically transforming Horie into a town for Osaka's youth. Additionally, the 800 meter long Orange Street is full of trendy shops like cafes, boutiques, general goods, and interior design stores that bring in a host of younger customers on the weekends. Horie is becoming increasingly diverse with old stores and residences mixed together with remodeled and entirely new structures, and businesses in apparel, design, and cafes, etc.


Kitahorie~Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0014


1 min. walking from Osaka MetroYotsubashi Line [Yotsubashi Station]

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    Situated in the center of Horie, Horie Park is surrounded by trendy cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the view while you eat inside. We recommend stopping by America Mura after visiting Horie. After passing Yotsubashisuji, you'll enter into America Mura where you can enjoy a different atmosphere that takes influence from the west coast of the United States.