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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Osaka Cycling Tour

  • Bike alongside the river and appreciate the beauty of nature.
  • Ride through the Osaka Castle area for a uniquely Japanese cycling experience.
  • Go for a soak afterwards at the local public bathhouse.
  • Park the bikes and walk around the local neighborhood of Kyobashi.
  • Stop for a meal at one of the many delicious, but affordable restaurants.
Duration3 Hours /4 Hours
Participants1~2 People
IncludedCity Bike ✔︎ Knowledgeable Guide ✔︎ Public Bath
MeetJR Sakuranomiya Station
Endglobal wheels


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Osaka Cycling Tour (3 Hour Plan)


Duration: About 3 Hours 
Meet: JR Sakuranomiya Station
End: global wheels
Included: ✔︎ Guide ✔︎ City Bike 


Osaka Cycling Tour (4 Hour Plan)


Duration: About 4 Hours 
Meet: JR Sakuranomiya Station
End: global wheels
Included: ✔︎ Guide ✔︎ City Bike ✔︎ Public Bath Experience ✔︎ Walk through Kyobashi

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Meeting Place

JR Sakuranomiya Station


4 mins. from Osaka Station by Loop Line

Tour Information

Bike through the Osaka Castle area, wash off the sweat with a bath, and have lunch in Kyobashi!

For Osakans, a bicycle is a must-have item for moving throughout the city! With this tour, we’ll use bikes to visit the area around Osaka Castle. And if you’re up for it, we’ll wash away the fatigue with a trip to the local public bath!
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour

The Osaka special, “mama chari!”

The most commonly used type of bicycle in Osaka is what’s colloquially called a “mama chari.” Characterized by a basket in the front, and a bracket for a child seat in the back, these are convenient to use. Let’s take these out for a test drive and tour the beautiful scenery around Osaka Castle!

▼JR Sakuranomiya Station. Your guide will be waiting for you at the east exit.
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour
▼From the top of this bridge, you can already see Osaka Castle. It looks far, but it isn’t all that really.
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour
▼There’s a bike route alongside the river. There are few pedestrians, so it’s great for a nice ride.
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour
▼As we pass under the trees, the warmth of the sunlight and vegetation make for a soothing experience.
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour

Feel the breeze and witness the castle!

Even from afar, the sight of Osaka Castle evokes a feeling of bygone times. Your guide will tell you all about the hidden, untold stories of this place.

▼The outer moat suddenly comes into view.
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour
▼The main entrance to Osaka Castle, Otemon. Pine trees neatly line the walkway.
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour
▼The view of this watchtower (Rokuban yagura) is a particularly scenic spot. You’ll definitely want a picture here!
▼Biking through a grove.

Relax with a soak at the local bathhouse!

Public bathhouses are a place where Japanese people like to gather and socialize. There are a few rules and common courtesies, but your guide will explain beforehand. Alternating between hot and cold baths is also said to have great benefits for your health, so definitely give it a try!

▼Utopia Shiratama Onsen
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour
▼Inside is a rest area with massage chairs and such. If you happen to finish early, you can relax here.
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour
▼Nearby the bathhouse are a small temple and shrine. Can you tell the difference between the two?
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour

A walk through the local neighborhood!

Kyobashi is an interesting area, where you can get a feel for the local culture. There’s also lots of good places to eat. We’ll take some time here to explore the area and grab a bite. Whatever strikes your mood, there’s bound to be a reasonable place nearby.

▼We’ll park the bikes, and continue on foot.
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour
▼This restaurant has fried skewers for cheap, only 80 yen apiece.
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour
▼Ditch the conveyor belts and have some fresh, delicious sushi here for a reasonable price!
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour
▼A place where you can get traditional soy sauce-based ramen. You can also get a raw egg topping for free. Japanese people love to eat eggs raw, so they’re carefully handled for safe consumption!
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour
▼Finally, we’ll ride back to the rental shop and return the bikes.
Osaka Cycling Tour Osaka Cycling Tour

Guide Introduction

  • Ryota
    English, Japanese

    Hello. My name is Ryota. Please call me "Ryo" for short. I'm a government-licensed tour guide-interpreter. Soon after I was born in chiba prefecture, I was taken to Kansai region where I grew up. I love music, history, and the Japanese culture, but science is not my cup of tea. I'll pull out all the stops to lead you to a deep insight into the Japanese cultural aspect like the difference between a buddhist temple and a shinto shrine and the Japanese way of thinking. I assure you that my guiding will knock your socks off. You can take my word for it.

  • Saki
    English, Japanese

    Hi, I am Saki! I was born in Awaji Island. I used to live in Hiroshima and Vancouver. And now I live in Osaka! I enjoy it here, cause there are a lot of nice places such as Osaka castle park, good restaurants, cafes, and Izakayas (Japanese pubs). I would like to go there with you guys. I’m sure we will have a good time. I am looking forward to seeing you in Osaka, and having a wonderful time together! See you soon!

  • Masumi
    English, Japanese

    Hello everyone! I’m Masumi. I grew up in Osaka and lived on the Gold Coast in Australia.
    I love nature, city life, temples, shrines, delicious food, and Japanese sake. I really like talking with people from other countries. Osaka is a lively, gourmet and historic city. The locals are friendly. I would like to introduce you amazing places that you would want to tell others about. Enjoy Osaka! I’m excited about meeting you.

  • Yumi
    English, Japanese

    Hi, there, I’m Yumi! I grew up in Nara, which is a small prefecture next to Osaka, and used to live in Australia for a few years. I’ve been really keen on traveling around the world and meeting new people. So, I’d love to talk with you and enjoy every moment together here in Osaka. Even though Osaka isn’t my hometown, I used to work here for 5 years and it's where I spent my early and mid 20’s. That’s why I have lots of my favorite things which I’d like to recommend you! I’d say you can have brilliant and memorable experiences with me in this exciting and lively city! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you guys :)

  • Hiro
    English, Japanese

    I was born and raised in Osaka, and have also lived in the Philippines and Canada for two years. I’ve been to many Asian countries to find good food, always on the lookout for the best restaurants. I really love eating, drinking, and playing soccer, and am looking forward to meeting everyone in Japan!

Important Notes

✴︎ Please be on time.
✴︎ Depending on the weather conditions on the day of, the tour may be canceled.
✴︎ There is no need to pay for the guide’s food or drinks.
✴︎ Lunch is not included in this tour. It is recommended that you bring ¥3,000 in cash for food.
✴︎ Please wear clothes suitable for cycling.
✴︎ For safety purposes, please do not ride in front of the guide.
✴︎ Please follow the rules of the public bath.
Cancellation Policy