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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Tickets in Osaka City Tennoji Area(Tennoji, Abeno)

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Area Info

Osaka City Tennoji Area(Tennoji, Abeno) Area Info

The Tennoji area is situated betweeen Kita (Umeda) and Minami (Namba). It is known as an oasis with plenty of nature and culture. The Osaka Museum of Fine Arts contains many important cultural properties while Tennoji Park, has the Tennoji Zoo, which is a popular spot for families. Additionally, Jan Jan Yokocho in Shinsekai stretches 130 meters from north to south and is lined with shops from kushikatsu and doteyaki restaurants to recreational game establishment.

Osaka City Tennoji Area(Tennoji, Abeno) Cultural/Historical Info

It is said that the name Tennoji comes from the fact that Shitennoji Temple is nearby. There are a few explanations for the name Abeno, but the most prominent theory is that it comes from the family of nobles that used to own the land. The eastern half is Tennoji Park and the western half is Shinsekai. Tennoji Park has a zoo and ancient tombs. The symbol of Shinsekai, Tsutenkaku, and the shopping street, Jan Jan Yokocho, are popular tourist destinations in the west.

Osaka City Tennoji Area(Tennoji, Abeno) Sightseeing Info

In front of Tennoji Station is Abeno Harukas, a popular spot within the city. The building stands at over 300 meters high, with 60 floors above ground, and glass windows on all sides. On clear days, you can enjoy a great view from the observatory that stretches really far out. Other popular sightseeing spots include Tennoji Park, Tennoji Zoo, and Japan's oldest temple, Shitennoji.

Osaka City Tennoji Area(Tennoji, Abeno) Transportation/Access Info

Tennoji Station provides access to several lines, including the JR Osaka Loop Line, Kansai Main Line, Hanwa Line, Osaka Metro Midosuji Line, Tanimachi Line, Kintetsu Minami Osaka Line, and Hankai Tramway Uemachi Line. It's a convenient station for sightseeing, connecting to various areas within Osaka as well as neighboring areas like Nara and Wakayama.

Osaka City Tennoji Area(Tennoji, Abeno) Activity Info

Put on a kimono and try out a traditional Japanese dance workshop. Transform into a ninja and learn the techniques to use ninja stars and blow darts, etc. like the ninja of a certain anime. You can look for content like this and more. You can also tour around Osaka in a tuk-tuk, a vehicle common throughout Thailand. Interesting activies like these are also available.

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