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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Osaka Amazing Tour

Time4 Hour Plan: 9:00am~1:00pm / 8 Hour Plan: 9:00am~5:00pm
Included✔︎ Osaka Amazing Pass ✔︎ Guide
MeetOsaka Station tourist information center
End4 Hour Plan: Dotonbori ZAZA / 8 Hour Plan:Osaka tourist information center
CancellationFull Refund Up To 2 Days Prior
UNIEARTH CORP Address: 2-chome-1-4 Nakazaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
Travel Registry Number: Osaka Prefectural Government Registered Regional
Travel Agent ー no. 2993
Tour No.G-008

The Experience

If you’ve come to Osaka, then start things off with the Osaka Amazing Tour!

With this tour, you’ll go with a knowledgeable guide who’ll provide a fun and pleasant sightseeing experience. Using the Osaka Amazing Pass, you’ll cover most of the city’s famous spots. Perfect for first-timers to the area.

The 4 hour plan will take you through Osaka Castle, aboard the Aqua Liner, and into Namba. The 8 hour plan will continue from there, and take you to Shinsekai, Shitennoji, and Umeda Sky Building as well. Let’s enjoy the city of Osaka to the fullest!
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour

A visit to one of the symbols of Osaka, Osaka Castle!

Osaka Castle has several historical remains that make it an ideal destination for history lovers. Also, nearby the castle keep is Miraiza, an entertainment center that’s great for families to enjoy with their kids.

▼Otemon, the main entrance to Osaka Castle. Entering from here really gives you a sense of what it was like to be a shogun.

Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼A mysterious stone within the castle grounds. What exactly is its significance...?
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼Miraiza, this building was originally built as the headquarters for the fourth division of the imperial army in commemoration of the Showa emperor’s enthronement.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼Among the photo spots on the castle grounds, the Gokurakubashi Bridge to the northeast of the keep is particularly impressive. Definitely take a picture here.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour

All aboard the Aqua-Liner!

The Aqua-Liner is a sightseeing cruise ship operated on the waterways of Osaka. Learn about the city as you take in the sights from the river. Snacks and drinks are also available for purchase on board.

▼You can enjoy a roughly 20 minute cruise between the piers of Osaka Castle and Yodoyabashi.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour

Stroll through the streets of Namba and discover the charm of Osaka.

No trip to Osaka would be complete without a stop in Namba. Discover the charm of the city starting with a stop at its most popular attraction, Dotonbori. Moving on from there, visit the hub for otaku culture, Den Den Town, get a taste of fresh foods at the local market, and take a look at wares for small shop and business owners.

▼The commercial district of Namba is thriving with restaurants, pachinko, and comedy.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼Doguyasuji is an area lined with stores selling wares for use in restaurants such as utensils and even signs and such. As you walk through the area, you’ll of course see knives and iron plates for cooking, but you can also find surprising things like Japanese swords and guns.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼Osaka’s local market, Kuromon Ichiba Market. It is said that the name Kuromon originated from a temple that used to be nearby.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼You can get various kinds of fish, meat, fruits and vegetables. Find premium ingredients like Kobe beef and bluefin tuna at reasonable prices and give them a try!
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼The signs and billboards around Ebisu Bridge in Dotonbori are a kind of art in and of themselves! This area reflects Osaka’s history as a city of merchants.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼From the riverside walk, you’ll head towards Nippombashi. If you’re lucky, you may get to see street performances from idol groups along the way.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour

Experience true Osakan culture in Shinsekai!

From here on out is the second half of the 8 hour plan! Shinsekai, home to the iconic Tsutenkaku, is an area filled with local culture. You can find many delicious restaurants including those specializing in pufferfish or deep-fried skewers, known as kushikatsu. The authentic kushikatsu in Shinsekai are the best in the world!

▼Built in the image of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Tsutenkaku is one of the symbols of Osaka.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼In front of the famous kushikatsu shop, Daruma, this guy here stands guard to warn against double dipping. It’s a hard and fast rule. Only dip your skewers into the sauce once.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼Jan Jan Yokocho, a small street where locals like to hang out. On this street is a place called Kasuga Gorakujo, a game center with a retro vibe. There are even some games that are only available to play here.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour

Through Tennoji Zoo and to Keitakuen Garden

Passing through the Asian Tropical Rainforest and Koala House, you’ll next head to Keitakuen Garden. From there, you can even see the 300m tall skyscraper, Abeno Harukas. An oasis from the city, you can take a break there and appreciate the beauty of the Japanese garden.

▼The Tennoji Zoo is right in front of you as you exit Shinsekai.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼The tranquil view in garden is great for relaxing.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour

Famous temples of Osaka, Isshinji and Shitennoji!

Continuing from the garden, you’ll move on to see a bit more of Osaka’s spiritual side. Next up are the temples of Isshinji and Shitennoji.

▼As you arrive at Shitennoji, you’ll be greeted with a large stone archway.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼On the grounds of Shitennoji is a unique structure called a five-story pagoda.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼Towards the back you’ll also find a shrine built to honor Daikokuten, a god of wealth and prosperity.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour

A panoramic view of Osaka from atop the Kuchu Teien Observatory.

Sky Building is a tall skyscraper that provides a great view of all of Osaka. It’s a perfect place to end a tour. Get a glimpse of the sun sinking as you ascend to the top floor on the elevator. Look out and reflect over the streets that you’ve walked as you finish off the tour.

▼Looking straight up through the center of Sky Building. It looks like a large flying object out of a sci-fi movie. Also, there is said to be a god of love that resides on the observation floor.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼Lots of people awaiting the sunset view.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼The sky above Yodogawa as the sun sets. An amazing view rounds things out.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour
▼You'll end where you begin, in front of the tourist information center opposite the central gate in JR Osaka Station.
Osaka Amazing Tour Osaka Amazing Tour


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Osaka Amazing Tour (4 Hour Plan)


Duration: 4 Hours
Meet: In front of Osaka tourist information center
End: In front of Dotonbori ZAZA
Included: Osaka Amazing Pass, Guide
Itinerary: Osaka Station tourist information center―Tanmachi Line―Osaka Castle―Aqua-Liner―Midosuji Line―Namba―Dotonbori ZAZA

Osaka Amazing Tour (8 Hour Plan)


Duration: 8 Hours
Meet: In front of Osaka Station tourist information center
End: In front of Osaka Station tourist information center
Included: Osaka Amazing Pass, Guide
Itinerary: Osaka Station tourist information center―Tanmachi Line―Osaka Castle―Aqua-Liner―Midosuji Line―Namba―Sakaisuji Line―Shinsekai―Tennoji Zoo―Keitakuen Garden―Isshinji Temple―Shitennoji Temple―Tanimachi Line―Sky Building―Osaka Station



In front of Osaka Tourist Information Center


JR Osaka Station 1F

Guide Introduction

  • Ryota
    English, Japanese

    Hello. My name is Ryota. Please call me "Ryo" for short. I'm a government-licensed tour guide-interpreter. Soon after I was born in chiba prefecture, I was taken to Kansai region where I grew up. I love music, history, and the Japanese culture, but science is not my cup of tea. I'll pull out all the stops to lead you to a deep insight into the Japanese cultural aspect like the difference between a buddhist temple and a shinto shrine and the Japanese way of thinking. I assure you that my guiding will knock your socks off. You can take my word for it.

  • Hiro
    English, Japanese

    I was born and raised in Osaka, and have also lived in the Philippines and Canada for two years. I’ve been to many Asian countries to find good food, always on the lookout for the best restaurants. I really love eating, drinking, and playing soccer, and am looking forward to meeting everyone in Japan!

  • Saki
    English, Japanese

    Hi, I am Saki! I was born in Awaji Island. I used to live in Hiroshima and Vancouver. And now I live in Osaka! I enjoy it here, cause there are a lot of nice places such as Osaka castle park, good restaurants, cafes, and Izakayas (Japanese pubs). I would like to go there with you guys. I’m sure we will have a good time. I am looking forward to seeing you in Osaka, and having a wonderful time together! See you soon!

  • Marin
    English, Japanese

    Hi, I’m Marin from Kobe. I used to live in Kyoto and Australia, then I’m a local in Osaka now! I studied English and tourism in Australia for 2 years, it’s just because to be an English guide in Japan for you!
    I was working as tour guide in Cairns, Australia for a year after got many experiences at travel agency in Japan for more than 3 years.
    And of course I love to travel like same as you! I’ve been to 20 countries so far.
    I really like to talk with everyone, let me make you smile! Hope to see you soon:)

  • Mina
    English, Japanese

    Hello, everyone! I’m MINAKO. Please call me MINA. I grew up in Osaka. I really like eating, so I travel all over the world to seek delicious food: ) I’ve visited Canada, US, Taiwan, Philippine and Thailand. I also love talking, drinking, stroll, singing, cooking and snowboarding.
    Osaka has a lot of attractive points which I would love to recommend you, so let’s have a wonderful time in Osaka together! I’m really looking forward to seeing you. Thank you very much.

Important Notes

✴︎ Please be on time.
✴︎ The tour will continue in the event of light rain.
✴︎ There is no need to pay for the guide’s food and drinks.
✴︎ Please prepare about ¥3,000 per person in cash for food and snacks. Depending on the restaurants, credit cards may not be accepted.
✴︎ This is a walking tour. Changes may be made to the itinerary in the event that it becomes difficult to continue physically.
✴︎ For those who wish to join the 8 hour tour, please be aware that you may be refused service or removed from the group in the event that you are physically unable to continue.
✴︎ For the Sky Building portion of the tour, being able to see the sunset is not guaranteed. Furthermore, weather conditions on the day of may not be ideal for a good viewing experience.
✴︎In the event of bad weather conditions such as typhoons, the tour may be canceled for safety purposes.
✴︎ If you are within JR Osaka Station, but have difficulty finding the meeting place, please inform our offices of your location, and the guide will come to you.
✴︎ There is a place to leave your hand luggage nearby.
Cancellation Policy