Guided Tours/Tickets/Activities in Hiroshima City (Atomic Bomb Dome/Hiroshima Castle)

Area Info

Hiroshima City (Atomic Bomb Dome/Hiroshima Castle) Area Info

Hiroshima is the biggest city in the area and unfortunately famous for being the first city to suffer a nuclear bomb. In present times it is a wonderful city to explore, for the historically important sights like the Hiroshima Castle, the Atomic Dome, the Peace Memorial Park and Museum, but also for its delicious cuisine and entertainment. Hiroshima style okonomiyaki would be arguably the most representative dish. There is even the Okonomiyaki Village building, where all shops are okonomiyaki restaurants, offering different spins on this local delicacy. There are many branch stores and offices of big businesses in Hiroshima, in fact the city is hailed as the backbone of the local economy. Fishing industry is quite prominent in Hiroshima as Hiroshima has the highest volume of oysters produced per annum. When winter, the peak season for oysters comes, the streets are lined with stalls carrying nothing but oysters and oyster dishes. Maple leaf shaped Momiji Manju cakes and the Seto Lemon cakes are also popular as local souvenirs. As for sports, the Hiroshima Carps baseball team enjoys a very strong fanbase. Since Hiroshima can be reached by the bullet train it is also very popular among foreign tourists as a travel destination. Whether hopping on a cruise of Motoyasu River or offering a prayer to Ebisu, the patron of business at Ebisu shrine there’s always something to do in Hiroshima.

Hiroshima City (Atomic Bomb Dome/Hiroshima Castle) Cultural/Historical Info

Hiroshima City, ravaged by the atomic bomb in 1945, now boasts the highest population density and the highest level of development in the whole region. It is renowned for its oyster production as well as everything okonomiyaki, including the iconic Otafuku sauce. Youme Town supermarket chain also originates in Hiroshima, as well as countless factories and industrial complexes like Calbi or Matsuda. With lush natural areas like Oku-Yuki, Hiroshima is an excellent spot to experience modern Japan as well as the great outdoors.

Hiroshima City (Atomic Bomb Dome/Hiroshima Castle) Sightseeing Info

Hiroshima Castle, the Atomic Dome and the Peace Park with the folded cranes statue are all conveniently located a short distance from each other. The Motoyasu River flowing nearby offers a chance to enjoy a nice river cruise. Ebisu Shrine is also located quite conveniently in the middle of a shopping arcade near a department store, making it easy to do a little bit of shopping whilst traveling. For getting around we recommend a combination of public transportation with walking. For those who would like to do something more active, preferably outdoors, we recommend renting a car and heading out to Yuki hot springs. Here you can enjoy not just the lush nature, but also a plethora of outdoor activities.

Hiroshima City (Atomic Bomb Dome/Hiroshima Castle) Transportation/Access Info

Transportation to and within Hiroshima is quite practical due to the bullet train and JR rail, the local tram and buses as well as ferries. There’s a double-decker bus as well as the loop bus aimed toward tourists that takes you to all the important and famous spots. You can also hop on a boat and head out to Miyajima or just enjoy a leisurely river cruise on Motoyasu River. Many bike rental shops exist in the area and bikes are also a great choice to get around to the respective sights. For those who would like to have a more in-depth experience guided bike tours are also available and highly recommended!

Hiroshima City (Atomic Bomb Dome/Hiroshima Castle) Activity Info

Hiroshima offers countless experiences and activities to enjoy. Okonomiyaki workshops operated by the famous Otafuku sauce maker, guided tours of the city on e-bikes, break of dawn trekking tours with breathtaking views to go with your breakfast, exploring sacred village forests and more - the choice is yours. For those who like going off the beaten path there is no better choice than Oku-Yuki. Largely undiscovered by tourists, the crystal clear streams and majestic outdoors offer many rare activities to enjoy, including canyoning and much more.