Guided Tours/Tickets/Activities in Onomichi Area (Onomichi/Tomonoura)

Area Info

Onomichi Area (Onomichi/Tomonoura) Area Info

Bingo refers to the area spanning from southeast Hiroshima Prefecture all the way to southwest of Okayama Prefecture. More specifically it includes cities like Fukuyama, Mihara, Onomichi, Fuchu, Sera, Jinsekikogen, Kasaoka and Ibara. Recently, more and more tourists visit places facing Setouchi such as Mukaishima and Ikuchijima Islands connected by the Tatara and Onomichi Bridges but Tomonoura is also as popular as ever. Unique sites like the white marble Kosanji Temple are highly sought after by the younger crowds for that special photo opportunity. However Bingo is not just about the seaside. With venues like the Sera Kogen farm you can enjoy the mountains just as much as the sea. There are also many local delicacies that can be enjoyed here, including but not limited to Onomichi ramen, Setouchi Lemon Cakes or the conger eel rice dish. The Nishi Seto Expressway is quite unique in Japan as there are not many bridges crossing the sea that allow bicycle traffic, making the expressway a popular spot among cyclists. Another popular alternative is to rent a car in one of the many budget-friendly rentals and drive as far as you can, then return back by boat. If you go all the way and cross the whole expressway you will actually reach the Ehime Prefecture on Shikoku Island.

Onomichi Area (Onomichi/Tomonoura) Cultural/Historical Info

Onomichi and Tomonoura both once served as important ports. Among them, Tomonoura managed to preserve most of its atmosphere until present day and its townscape dotted with old houses attracts visitors from all over Japan. Whether the preserved townscape, its rich culture and history, lush nature or delicious food, Tomonoura has something to offer for just about everyone. Bingo used to be renowned for its textile industry and cotton production and this tradition carried over to modern times as the denim industry found a stable foothold here.

Onomichi Area (Onomichi/Tomonoura) Sightseeing Info

Nishi Seto Expressway, Tatara and Innoshima Grand Bridge, as well as the general area around the Seto Inland Sea are all very popular spots. The area around Seto offers countless photo opportunities, such as many scenic spots as well as fashionable stores and cafes. Once you cross the sea onto the islands you can immerse yourself into the unique local culture and way of life. Shrines and temples like the Kosanji are also abundant in the area, offering further options to explore. At first glance a temple might be too solemn to approach, but the shrines and temples welcome all visitors and some of them even offer workshops on Zen meditations for those eager to try.

Onomichi Area (Onomichi/Tomonoura) Transportation/Access Info

Main methods of transportation to and within Bingo include the JR rail, buses, cabs, and boats. Most islands can be reached by boat, but those connected via bridges can be reached just as comfortably via car or even bicycles. There are many bike rental shops in the area for those who would like a little challenge. The main method of transportation on the mainland however would be the JR rail, with buses and cabs from respective stations. Some of the lodging facilities operate a loop bus between the facility and the station, making transportation a little easier. There are also season-specific tour buses operating only in certain time periods, but since they usually take you straight to the tourist spots they are well-worth checking into.

Onomichi Area (Onomichi/Tomonoura) Activity Info

The Shinshoji Zen Temple in Fukuyama also operates a Zen garden and museum and offers multiple workshops on Zen. These include Zazen seated meditation, sutra copying, tea ceremonies and use of temple bathhouses among others. The respective experiences are easily accessible and very beginner friendly. You can choose freely and enjoy them at your pace, together with the spacious grounds of the temple complex.