Guided Tours/Tickets/Activities in Kitahiroshima Area (Sandan-kyō/Yawata Wetlands)

Area Info

Kitahiroshima Area (Sandan-kyō/Yawata Wetlands) Area Info

Geihoku refers to the area deep within the mountain bordering on Shimane Prefecture and includes famous spots like the Sandan Ravine and Yawata Takahara. The Sandan Ravine spans for over 16 km and is famous in Japan for many spots of scenic beauty. The romantic landscape picture makes the ravine extremely popular among tourists. Hop on the Kurobuchi scenic boat and enjoy the sight as you sail between the majestic stone walls towering around you. With the Kurobuchi Abyss, Sarutobi, Nidan and Sandandaki waterfalls, you can enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest and should definitely include Geihoku in your itinerary. Yawata Marsh lies 800m above sea level and is surrounded on all sides by mountains with an average height of 1000m, making it very pleasant during otherwise hot and humid Japanese summers. The fertile soil of the marshland is perfect for the local flora, whether kobus magnolia in spring or rabbitear irises in summer. Both Sandan and Yawata are popular tourist spots where you enjoy the great outdoors to the fullest. There is also an international ski resort located here where you can enjoy a wide variety of winter sports.

Kitahiroshima Area (Sandan-kyō/Yawata Wetlands) Cultural/Historical Info

In the 1950s 72 houses sank to the bottom of the dam. The local folk museum houses hundreds of daily items and personal effects donated from said houses, with 247 of them being items of everyday use, 185 being farming and manufacturing equipment and 47 odd items not fitting either category. The exhibition is regarded as an important part of tangible folk heritage. It is available to the general public for a small entrance fee. The area is also home to Mibu no Hana Taue, an Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan. It consists of singing songs accompanied by taiko drums and flutes whilst planting the rice on the rice fields. Visitors from all around Japan flock here to enjoy the spectacle.

Kitahiroshima Area (Sandan-kyō/Yawata Wetlands) Sightseeing Info

Sandan Ravine has been selected as one of the top 100 spots of scenic beauty in Japan due to its crystal clear stream. As you trek along the 16 km long ravine you can enjoy the view of many waterfalls and rock cliffs lining the stream. Among the various spots, Kurobuchi, Sarutobi, Nidandaki, Sandandaki, and Mittsu Falls are particularly recommended. There are several wetlands in the Yawata Marsh to the northeast of Hijiri Lake. Among them, the Mizuguchi Valley Marsh and Kirigatani Marsh are easy to walk because they are fully equipped with roads. The many species of plants that are native and unique to the area make it definitely worthwhile to visit.

Kitahiroshima Area (Sandan-kyō/Yawata Wetlands) Transportation/Access Info

Geihoku area is best accessed by bus, or alternatively by the local “Hope Taxi” cab service at a modest fee of approximately 500 JPY. If you go by car, please get off at the Chiyoda interchange.
In winter there is also a loop bus service operating between Hiroshima Station and the Geihoku International Ski Resort. The “Hope Taxi” service prioritizes students, so it might be difficult to catch a cab in the early morning. In general, renting a car is also a viable alternative to the local bus and Hope Taxi.

Kitahiroshima Area (Sandan-kyō/Yawata Wetlands) Activity Info

The Buggy Wild Adventure that makes use of the enormous, vast grounds is extremely popular among visitors. Driving license is not necessary, so even elementary school students can hop on and enjoy the 2500m long ride at 1000m above sea level, overcoming an elevation difference of approx. 250m. There are electric mountain bikes available, as well as ziplines and a massive trampoline. There are also designated zones for both camping and glamping, so you can enjoy the great outdoors any way you see fit. Perfect spot for families and couples!