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Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town!

  • Get your face made up in Kabuki style at a real Kabuki training hall.
  • Go for a walk around Namba with your new look.
  • Visit Hozenji Yokocho for a mix of traditional and modern Japanese culture.
  • Let Dotonbori be the stage for your greatest pose, Glico X Kabuki.
  • Create a one-of-a-kind memento with your makeup and a piece of cloth.
DurationAbout 3 Hours
Participants2~4 People
Included✔︎ Guide ✔︎ Kabuki Makeup Souvenir ✔︎ Takoyaki ✔︎ Public Bath Experience
MeetHarinakano Station FamilyMart
EndAmerica-mura Sankaku Park
※ Bathhouse entrance if you join the public bath experience
CancellationFull Refund Up To 2 Days Prior
ItineraryHarinakano Station FamilyMart―Asuka Hall―Kintetsu Osaka Line―Midosuji
Line―Namba―America-mura Sankaku Park
UNIEARTH CORP Address: 2-chome-1-4 Nakazaki, Kita-ku, Osaka
Travel Registry Number: Osaka Prefectural Government Registered Regional
Travel Agent ー no. 2993
Tour No.G-004

The Experience

Go for a walk around town, in kabuki makeup!?

Kabuki is a part of traditional Japanese culture that has influenced people all over the world. “Star Wars” director, George Lucas, supposedly got the inspiration for the villain Darth Maul from kabuki makeup. It’s also said to have inspired the look for the famous rock band, KISS. Now, it's your turn to get a makeover.
Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town! Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town!

Through kabuki makeup, be reborn!

If you have any reservations about putting on kabuki makeup, you can rest easy. You can release your inhibitions and become a completely different person!
There’s no need to change or do anything else. After your face is done, you can immediately head out into town, into the busy commercial district of Namba, Osaka. You’ll no doubt be getting plenty of looks. Are you ready? The time has come for a new kabuki star to be born.
Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town! Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town!

Get your game face on.

The colored lines are meant to represent blood vessels. The makeup application process takes about 30 minutes total.

Set out for Namba and Shinsaibashi!

After the makeup is done, your guide will take you to and show you around Osaka’s commercial district. You’ll no doubt become the center of attention! Go around to some of the famous sights and pose for the camera.

A quick stop at Hozenji Temple and Hozenji Yokocho

Nestled in the center of Namba, is a place called Hozenji Yokocho. It’s a popular area full of history, known for its unique look and the temple that bears the same name.
Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town! Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town!
Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town! Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town!

Namba = Dotonbori = Glico!!

Namba’s liveliest tourist spot is undoubtedly Dotonbori. This place will also serve as the stage for you to make the rise to kabuki stardom. Take memorable pictures on Ebisu Bridge with the famous Glico Man behind you. Strike that pose and show everyone the dream collaboration between kabuki and Glico.
Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town! Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town!

A lasting impression!

After Dotonbori, you’ll head next to America Mura in Shinsaibashi. America Mura has lots of clothing and old record stores. The place is popular among the younger crowd. Here, in the park, your guide will make an impression of your makeup on a piece of cloth, which you can take home as a souvenir.
Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town! Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town!
Also, in front of the park is a famous takoyaki place, where you can try the iconic Osakan specialty.

▼Takoyaki, battered balls with octopus filling.
Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town! Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town!

For those interested, a Japanese Public Bath Experience!

After removing the makeup and having had some food, you can end things with a public bath experience. It’s a great way to relax away the fatigue and see another part of Japanese culture. It’s entirely optional, so if public baths aren’t your thing, that’s not a problem. You can end things off with some shopping in the area.

▼Typical entrance to baths.
Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town! Kabuki Makeup, Out on the Town!


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Kabuki Makeup Walking Tour


Duration: About 3 Hours
Meet: Harinakano Station FamilyMart
End: America-mura Sankaku Park
Included: Guide, Kabuki Makeup Souvenir, Takoyaki


Kabuki Makeup Walking Tour with Public Bath


Duration: About 4 Hours
Meet: Harinakano Station FamilyMart
End: Bathhouse Entrance
Included: Guide, Kabuki Makeup Souvenir, Takoyaki, Public Bath Experience




Harinakano Station FamilyMart


8 mins. from Osaka Abenobashi Station by local train (Kintetsu Osaka Line)


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Guide Introduction

  • Yuta
    English, Japanese, French

    Hi everyone, my name is Yuta. Thank you for coming to Japan (hope you've already decided!). I am originally from Japanese pizza country Hiroshima, then I spent my youth in Osaka, Manchester, Tokyo, Paris and Montreal. I am looking forward to seeing you in Japan and will give you a wonderful tour for the most unforgettable memories!

  • Ryota
    English, Japanese

    Hello. My name is Ryota. Please call me "Ryo" for short. I'm a government-licensed tour guide-interpreter. Soon after I was born in chiba prefecture, I was taken to Kansai region where I grew up. I love music, history, and the Japanese culture, but science is not my cup of tea. I'll pull out all the stops to lead you to a deep insight into the Japanese cultural aspect like the difference between a buddhist temple and a shinto shrine and the Japanese way of thinking. I assure you that my guiding will knock your socks off. You can take my word for it.

  • Mina
    English, Japanese

    Hello, everyone! I’m MINAKO. Please call me MINA. I grew up in Osaka. I really like eating, so I travel all over the world to seek delicious food: ) I’ve visited Canada, US, Taiwan, Philippine and Thailand. I also love talking, drinking, stroll, singing, cooking and snowboarding.
    Osaka has a lot of attractive points which I would love to recommend you, so let’s have a wonderful time in Osaka together! I’m really looking forward to seeing you. Thank you very much.

  • Saki
    English, Japanese

    Hi, I am Saki! I was born in Awaji Island. I used to live in Hiroshima and Vancouver. And now I live in Osaka! I enjoy it here, cause there are a lot of nice places such as Osaka castle park, good restaurants, cafes, and Izakayas (Japanese pubs). I would like to go there with you guys. I’m sure we will have a good time. I am looking forward to seeing you in Osaka, and having a wonderful time together! See you soon!

  • Hiro
    English, Japanese

    I was born and raised in Osaka, and have also lived in the Philippines and Canada for two years. I’ve been to many Asian countries to find good food, always on the lookout for the best restaurants. I really love eating, drinking, and playing soccer, and am looking forward to meeting everyone in Japan!

Important Notes

✴︎ Please be on time.
✴︎ Please come in comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.
✴︎ Please understand that we are not responsible for any makeup accidentally getting on your clothes.
Cancellation Policy