Guided Tours/Tickets/Activities in Shobara Area(Taishaku Gorge/Bihoku Park)

Area Info

Shobara Area(Taishaku Gorge/Bihoku Park) Area Info

The Bihoku area is located in the northeast of the Hiroshima Prefecture. The name refers to what was formerly known as the northern part of Bingo fiefdom. It is surrounded by the Chugoku Mountains and technically the geographical center of the whole Chugoku region. The Taishaku Gorge is famous for its autumn foliage. Here you can truly enjoy the great outdoors, for example the collosal natural plateau bridges like Onbashi, created by limestone erosion over the ages. The paths and promenades are well maintained, making the area easily accessible to all. You can also enjoy both kayaking and a leisure cruise on the man-made Lake Shinryu. The Bihoku Hillside Park is excellent for camping in summer and becomes stunningly beautiful in winter as snow settles on its grounds. On the premises of the recently developed Satoyama Station “Shobara Furari”, there are many events held in cooperation with the local restaurants. There’s also the Okuda Genso Sayume Museum as well as Hiroshima Miyoshi Winery that are worth visiting. In winter the area sees many visitors due to favorable snow conditions and abundance of ski resorts.

Shobara Area(Taishaku Gorge/Bihoku Park) Cultural/Historical Info

Also known as Hokubi or Oku-Bingo, Bihoku refers to the northernmost part of the former Bingo fiefdom. More than half of its total area consists of scarcely populated mountain ranges and thus a low overall population density. There are many famous mountain peaks in the area as it is encircled by the Chugoku Mountains. Due to its geographical nature Bihoku is a very popular choice for winter sports as evidenced by the abundance of ski resorts. There are also many important historical sites, like the former residences of the Araki and Horie clans, the Hokyoin Pagoda of the Hozoji Temple, Entsuji Temple and even Kofun tumuli. In winter there is a spectacular annual illumination event called the Bihoku-Illumi held, with a total of over 700000 light bulbs used.

Shobara Area(Taishaku Gorge/Bihoku Park) Sightseeing Info

Taishaku Gorge is hailed as the number one tourist spot of Bihoku as it is also designated as one of the top scenic spots in Japan. There are Karst plateaus and numerous bridges and tunnels created by the limestone erosion, making for truly breathtaking scenery. You can also enjoy the limestone cavern Shirakumo or the man-made Lake Shinryu. There is a leisure cruise boat operating on the lake that is highly recommended. The Bihoku Hillside Park features many playgrounds and grass fields and turns into a mini ski resort in winter. You can also try your hand at traditional crafts like making the soba noodles or a bit of straw craft as well.

Shobara Area(Taishaku Gorge/Bihoku Park) Transportation/Access Info

Bihoku is accessible via JR rail, buses and by car. For Taishaku Gorge it is best to use either the JR rail or the bus and use a cab for the final stretch. By car it takes approximately 15 minutes from the Tojo IC. There are also special events held across all seasons, usually with special time-limited bus lines and tour buses operating between respective points of interest. Due to the limited number of regular bus lines in the area traveling via public transportation only might be slightly difficult.

Shobara Area(Taishaku Gorge/Bihoku Park) Activity Info

There is a wide range of activities for you to enjoy in and around the Taishaku Gorge. At the Taishaku Hall you can try your hand at pond fishing or airsoft matches. Or enjoy either a lovely cruise or a bit of upstream exploration via your kayak on Lake Shinryu. There’s also a Segway tour available that will take you to many of the fascinating spots like the Oni no Karamon or Onbashi bridge. No matter what activity you opt for, we highly recommend comfortable footwear and clothes!