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Area Info

Hiroshima Area Info

Hiroshima Prefecture is home to two World Heritage sites, namely the Atomic Dome and the Itsukushima Shrine. It is located on the Honshu Island and borders the Seto Inland Sea in the south and Chugoku Mountains in the northwest, combining the best of both mountains and the sea. The Nishi Seto Expressway, known also as the Shimanami Kaido connects many of the smaller islands in the Seto sea and makes them accessible to visitors. It extends all the way to Ehime Prefecture. The main bridge that crosses the sea is extremely popular among cyclists. The Peace Park is one of the many representative sites that symbolizes the Japanese anti-war sentiment after the atomic bombing of 1945. One more reason for the popularity of the prefecture among tourists is also the local cuisine, including but not limited to the okonomiyaki and oysters. Citrus fruit is also extremely popular, with the Seto Lemon cake being a big hit in all of Japan. Automotive and ship building industries also have a strong presence in Hiroshima, with countless factories creating a dazzling skyline at night. With abundance of water and sea related activities and the undeniable “instagrammability” of the many small islands in Seto the area is extremely popular among foreign tourists as well.

Hiroshima Cultural/Historical Info

Hiroshima Prefecture, located in the central Chugoku region of Japan became the target of the nuclear bombing in 1945 and consequently an important symbol of peace. The Peace Memorial Park along with the Origami Crane Tower remind us of the importance of peace even today. Hiroshima offers a lot to see, whether the scenic beauty of Miyajima and the famous Itsukushima shrine, traditional Kagura - Shinto music and dance performances, or the Shukkei-en historic garden there are countless ways to experience and enjoy its culture. The representative okonomiyaki can be enjoyed in all parts of Hiroshima, but even among the many stores, those that use the local oysters stand out the most

Hiroshima Sightseeing Info

Many of the World Heritage sites of Hiroshima like the Peace Memorial Museum and the Peace Park are located in close proximity to the Atomic Dome, making it quite easy to explore and learn about the war at your own pace. Yet another World Heritage site, the Itsukushima Shrine, is an absolute must-see for all travelers. The ancient port of Tomonoura is located close to Itsukushima Shrine, making it a great addition to your itinerary. In recent years the many islands of the Seto Inland Sea have been gaining popularity among tourists. Islands like Sensui, Innoshima or Mukaijima have become an indispensable trait of Hiroshima.

Hiroshima Transportation/Access Info

Hiroshima can be accessed easily via boat or bullet train. Transportation within the prefecture is easy thanks to a wide network of JR lines, Astram Line, local trams, buses and even boats. Except for the unusual spots off the beaten path all of the famous tourist spots can be reached either via bus or rail. There are even special loop buses designed specifically for travelers that take you to all the famous spots. There are also many bike rental shops in Hiroshima, making bikes a popular choice to explore not just Hiroshima but many of the smaller islands connected to the mainland via bridges.

Hiroshima Activity Info

Hiroshima offers a wide range of many interesting outdoor activities. Enjoy a day at the sea with snorkeling, SUPs, or sea kayaks. Or head out deep into the pristine remote mountains for a bit of canyoning. You might even encounter one of the fabled Japanese giant salamanders that call this area their home. Or opt for a thrilling buggy ride through the great outdoors. At our Zen experiences you can dress the part for a whole new layer of immersion into the history and culture. And for the gourmets among us, you can also learn how to make your own, authentic okonomiyaki!