Flavors of Osaka

Osaka, also known as the "Nation's Kitchen" and "Eat-until-you-drop city" is like a treasure chest full of culinary gems. At "Flavors of Osaka", we deliver to you the best, most strictly selected premium gourmet experiences related to the cuisine of Osaka. From excellent dishes exclusively using locally sourced ingredients and dishes not available anywhere else, to unique experiences with special courses incorporating entertainment into the cuisine, we have special programs prepared that you can only enjoy here at "Flavors of Osaka".
From dough-based typical treats like takoyaki and okonomiyaki, surprisingly unknown, high-class Japanese cuisine and long-established Kappo cuisine restaurants, to top notch Italian cuisine and delicious and stunning sweets perfect for a snapshot, we periodically deliver to you the hottest information on the amazing cuisine of Osaka. We hope to bring you tips for dishes of Osaka, the true treasure trove of cuisine, that best suit your palate and will make your time in Osaka unforgettable.

A heaping bowl of Osakamon produce!
Exquisite eat-until-you-drop course

Specialized in Osakamon, the best produce of Osaka
Izakaya pub like no other

Osakamon refers to the locally grown and raised produce, livestock, marine and forestry products, as well as the products made from them.
There are many yet uncovered charms of Osaka, like the traditional vegetables of Naniwa with a history of over a century. Born from the strong desire to let the world know of the amazing ingredients of Osaka, the izakaya "Osakamon Restaurant Sora" was created precisely for the purpose of bringing you the best dishes made from freshest seasonal products of Osaka.

High class ingredients with minor flaws, brought to you for a very reasonable price

Izakaya Sora is extremely particular about the quality of the ingredients they use, so how come that they provide exquisite cuisine from the finest ingredients at such a surprisingly reasonable price? The secret lies in using high quality ingredients with minor imperfections. For example vegetables culled because their shape does not meet the strictest criteria, or premium meat cuts closer to the bone which makes them harder to process, the restaurant keeps the costs down by sourcing high end ingredients that might otherwise not be shipped out due to these minor flaws. The restaurant is very particular about SDGs, namely zero waste, be it in ingredients or the passion and effort of the farmers and producers.

Enjoy copious amounts of freshly harvested ingredients of Osaka, sourced directly at the local producers, unavailable to other consumers
Not limited to just vegetables and meat, enjoy the exquisite local sake as well!
Enjoy the full meal course made with fresh seasonal ingredients of Osaka at a very reasonable price!
A special secret souvenir included!
Facility Info
1. Namba Komejirushi Store
  A 2 minute walk from Namba Station on the Nankai Main Line and Nankai Takano Line
2. Sembaokamishoji store
  Right next to exit 16 of Honmachi Station on the Midosuji and Chuo Subway lines.
3. Horie store
  A 1 minute walk from exit 3 of the Yotsubashi Station on the Yotsubashi Subway line , OR
  a 5 minute walk from the Shinsaibashi Station of the Midosuji Subway line.
Duration:3 Hours
Price: starting at 6000 JPY (tax included)

Raw tuna head cutting and trimming!?
Special limited menu with the Osaka vegetables and rare tuna

Special limited menu using the scarce and rare tuna available only here

This restaurant specializes in high-end and rare tuna prepared by a tuna expert, who has performed tuna cutting and trimming shows not only in Japan, but also overseas. It garnered a lot of attention recently for its “Tuna New Fusion Course Cuisine”, using the rare and scarce tuna - only 10% of which is available to the general public markets - without limiting itself to a specific cuisine type and instead fusing Japanese, Western and Asian cuisine into a truly unique creation. In this feature we bring you a special menu available only at “Flavors of Osaka”.

The ultimate luxurious tuna lunch, or an exquisite dinner using the rarest parts of the tuna like cheeks and the crown of the head

We have prepared for you both the “Maguro Gozen” luxurious lunch made from carefully selected Osaka vegetables and finest tuna, as well as the tuna head cut-and-trim dinner full-course experience. The sight of the tuna head being expertly cut and trimmed with big knives right in front of you is a sight both impressive and unforgettable! The dishes made from the freshly prepared cheeks and head crowns are an absolute culinary delight.

You can enjoy the scarce and rare tuna, only 10% of which is available to the general public via markets!
The tuna head cutting and trimming available only as part of the dinner plan is truly impressive and memorable!
Your chance to enjoy truly exquisite cuisine made from some of the rarest tuna parts, the cheeks and the crown of the head!
The restaurant is very particular about sourcing only the highest quality local ingredients like Osaka vegetables and Japanese rice wine!
Facility Info
・A 1 minute walk from the Osaka Tenmangu Station on the JR Tozai Line
・A 4 minute walk from the Minami Morimachi Station on the Sakaisuji Subway Line
Lunch: 11:30~15:00(L.O.14:00)
Dinner: 17:00~22:30(L.O.20:00)
Required time: Lunch 1 hour / Dinner 2.5 hours
Lunch: Maguro Gozen 6,500 JPY (tax included)
Dinner: Raw tuna full-course dinner 15,600 JPY (tax included)