Terms and Policies

User Review Guidelines

Overall Policy

 DeepExperience strives to improve user experience from an impartial standpoint, by providing travelers reliable and credible advice as well as useful information through user reviews. As long as the rules below are not violated, any user who has participated in a given activity may write a review, not just those who booked through DeepExperience.
However, if we find a review to be in violation of the following, it will not be posted to the site. (You will not receive a notice of the decision or the specific violation)

Prohibiting Slander and Sexually Explicit Language

No Slander

We strictly prohibit reviews containing false information meant to slander hosts, specific organizations, or individuals.

No Sexually Explicit Language

We strictly prohibit reviews containing sexually explicit language that may be offensive to other users.

Concerns Regarding Privacy

On Protecting Privacy

In order to protect the privacy of users and hosts, we strictly prohibit the posting of financial information like credit card numbers, personal information like addresses or passwords, and confidential information regarding business operation.
Additionally, we strictly prohibit the posting of names of individuals, such as staff or business owners (excluding those already mentioned on the site).

Issues Regarding Conflict of Interest

No Paid Reviews

We strictly prohibit reviews written on behalf of a host in exchange for compensation.

No Sales Promotions

We strictly prohibit reviews containing links, addresses, phone numbers, etc. for the purposes of promoting or selling products, even if they are related to the host.

On Maintaining Impartiality

Please refrain from including personal opinions on politics, societal issues, etc. Please limit the content to information other users may find useful or want to know about the activity or plan.

Concerns Regarding Misrepresentation and Misinformation

On Maintaining Concision

There is a character limit to reviews, so please refrain from writing conflicting or irrelevant information.

On Ensuring Reviews Based on Firsthand Experience

We strictly prohibit reviews containing copied, made-up, or otherwise false information. Please limit the content to information that may be useful to other users, including things that you noticed about the activity and your impressions, etc.

On Maintaining Up-to-Date Information

To ensure the usefulness of information to other users, please write your review within a year of your experience.

Issues Regarding Legality or Inappropriate Posts

No Infringement of Rights

We strictly prohibit posts infringing on rights held by others, such as copyrights or trademark rights, or infringing on profits.

No Dangerous Behavior

We strictly prohibit content related to, or promoting, dangerous behavior.

Inappropriate Posts

In addition, reviews we deem to be inappropriate will not be displayed. Reviews may also be removed after having been posted.