Drag Queens Experience Special

Even in Japan the drag queen culture is on the rise.
With their flashy makeup and gorgeous dress they sport their very own kind visual appeal that goes beyond the confines of gender.
Here we would like to introduce you to real drag queen experiences.


No.1 Drag queen makeover experience

Drag queens with professional makeup skills will transform you! Let's go out to the city with drag queens and take pictures in the iconic place of Osaka with perfect makeup and flashy costumes. It will sure attract the attention of the city at once!
We will give you a video of the transformation process with time-lapse, a commemorative photo with the drag queen, and the costume will be given to you as a gift!

Recommendation Points
Professional makeup done by an authentic drag queen
Drag queen costume will be given
Photo shooting at an iconic place in Osaka with a drag queen
Facility Info
Pick up at your hotel, or alternatively designated pick up spot within Osaka
Duration:4.5 hours
Price: starting at 120000 JPY (tax included)

No.2 Gay bar hopping with a drag queen!

Drag queens will take you to a gay bar in Osaka.
Let's get rid of stress by chatting with drag queens and maybe get a love advice while enjoying the gay bar! Also, drag queens may give you special information about Osaka. There is also a photo shoot with the drag queen, which is a promise, and we promise a fun night.

Recommendation Points
Enjoy a gay bar with a drag queen all to yourself
The bars are carefully vetted and selected!
Have a mini photo session with a drag queen!
Enjoy at your own pace, with a snack and two drinks included
Facility Info
Pick up at your hotel, or alternatively designated pick up spot within Osaka
Duration:3 hours
Price: starting at 23000 JPY (tax included)

No.3 Make udon noodles with a drag queen

You can enjoy authentic and fun cooking experience (making udon) with Drag Queen.There is a comical and fun interaction between the drag queen and the cooking teacher, and while watching the cooking show, it is a one-grain, two-times-delicious tour where you can experience cooking properly.After the experience, you can take a polaroid and take a picture with Drag Queen.

Recommendation Points
Enjoy the completed udon while chatting with the drag queen!
Get a Polaroid taken with a drag queen
The teacher who teaches you how to cook is a fun Osaka auntie!
Facility Info
Pick up at your hotel, or alternatively designated pick up spot within Osaka
Duration:3.5 hours
Price: starting at 21500 JPY (tax included)

No.4 Osaka night cruise with a drag queen

Take the drag queen to yourself on a special open-air cruise ship! Why don't you enjoy a show at the dock, chat on the water or take a photo? Please enjoy the cruise as if you were a star by increasing the attention of people walking along the water! It also comes with sparkling wine and snacks, so it might be a good idea to use it as an evening cocktail before meals.

Recommendation Points
Escape the crowds on board an open air cruise boat!
Enjoy a bit of a show on the pier and commemorate the occasion with a snapshot on board
Get α little tipsy with sparkling wine and snacks
Facility Info
Pick up at your hotel, or alternatively designated pick up spot within Osaka
Duration:2 hours
Price: starting at 23500 JPY (tax included)

No.5 A party at the hotel with a drag queen!

A drag queen will visit your room and enjoy a meal and a drink together while having a fun conversation. After your meal, the tipsy drag queen will give you a special lip-sync performance just for you, so it will be an unforgettable night. From time to time, a Japanese assistant waiting in your room will take pictures with the drag queen.

Recommendation Points
Enjoy a nice meal and pleasant conversation in private!
Polaroid photos as a gift to commemorate your stay
The room is a nice hotel suite! You can stay overnight after the party.
A drag queen will perform a lip-sync show just for you
Facility Info
Osaka, Kita Ward, Dojimahama, 1−4−26 Zentis Osaka
Duration:1.5 hours
Price: -