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Osaka Cruise Special Edition: We introduce you to the best cruises to complement your travels

Osaka Cruise Special Edition: We introduce you to the best cruises to complement your travels

2021-02-25 Management office

Osaka is known as the “Kitchen of the Emperor” and renowned for excellent food it offer a lot of everybody, whether young or old, families, groups, or single travelers. But it’s not famous just for food, but also for its close ties to water as a transportation and maritime hub. In this special edition we will introduce you to a very particular activity typical for Osaka - cruising.

The main points of cruises in Osaka

Very reasonable prices/budget friendly
・A day cruise for one person costs around 1,500-2000JPY per person
・With an optional inclusion of dinner the price might rise to 10,000 and upward

What to keep in mind when choosing your cruise
Be sure to check out the following:
・Details about your destination
・on-board events and meals if applicable
・ whether you can make use of the cruise to get around on your travel
・route, departure time and boarding location

With a bit of careful planning and foresight you can combine your cruise with visiting some of the most famous spots of Osaka, like the Osaka Castle, Dotonbori, Universal Studios Japan, Shinsekai and more. Absolutely recommended especially in spring and autumn!

Embark on an adventure through Osaka with one of the many various cruises

Truth be told there are many options when it comes to cruises in Osaka. There are plenty of providers offering a short 1 hour cruise, great for those with a little bit of spare time in their packed itinerary. On the contrary, there might be too many to choose from! That’s where we come in as we bring you the most important information about the best selection of Osaka cruises available.

The golden standard - Osaka roundtrip cruise

Santa Maria - Excellent combination with surrounding facilities

The Osaka Aquarium “Kaiyukan” is one of the top most visited tourist spots in Osaka and it is situated right next to the pier from which the Santa Maria cruise ship sets sail! The Universal Studios Japan is located on the opposite shore, making for a perfect combination for a day trip. The leisurely cruise takes about 45 minutes, perfect for those with a little spare time in their busy travel schedule.

▲The observation deck is the pride and joy of Santa Maria. It departs from the western wharf of the Kaiyukan Aquarium, Tempozan Harbor Village and will take you on a round trip through Osaka Bay

▲Enjoy both the majestic view of Osaka Bay as well as the lovely sea breeze

▲Designed after the ship of Christopher Colombus, Santa Maria makes for the perfect background for a commemorative snapshot

▲Approximately 45 minute long cruise experience that crosses the Tempozan Ohashi Bridge and approaches the side of USJ before going around the large container wharf of Nanko

  • The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜

    Osaka City Bay Area(USJ, Kaiyukan)

    Recommended for families,Recomme…

Explore Osaka Castle and city center via the “Aqualiner”

This cruise has been in operation for over 35 years and counting! Embark on a journey on the O River flowing through central Osaka. The cruise departs from the vicinity of Osaka Castle and will take you to the lush Nakanoshima and other famous historical sights.※Spring season course may differ

▲Boarding location right next to the Osaka Castle

▲From the boat you can see spots not accessible otherwise!

▲Route map

  • Aqua Liner! Tour the Water Capital in Comfort

    Osaka City Chuo Area(Osaka Castle, Kyobashi)

    Recommended for families,Recomme…

Entertaining experience? Enjoy authentic Rakugo on this cruise exploring Naniwa

Come and learn why Osaka is hailed as the Mecca of comedy in Japan on this guided cruise with an authentic Rakugo performance! This cruise will take you on a 90 minute trip around the center of Osaka, but more importantly on a trip through one of the most important traditional styles of Japanese comedy.

At first glance 90 minutes may seem quite long for a cruise, but time flies when you’re having fun. And fun you shall have, as your guide makes sure you enjoy the hilarious authentic Rakugo performance. There are also boxed bento lunches available for purchase!
(Boxed lunches must be ordered separately in advance. Available for departures after 12:00)
Come and see the popular tourist spots like Dotonbori and the iconic Glico Man from a unique angle, available nowhere else!

▲Pass under the bridge so narrowly that you can almost touch it

▲River Loop Course. Departs from Minatomachi in Dotonbori.

▲Yumesaki course, departs from Universal City Port, arrives at Minatomachi.

  • Naniwa Exploration Cruise with Rakugo Comedian

    Osaka City Minami Area(Shinsaibashi, Namba, Nipponbashi)

    Recommended for families,Recomme…

Exceptional leisurely cruises, with meals

Nakanoshima VIP Cruise: Charter cruise perfect for celebrations and special occasions

We recommend the Nakanoshima VIP cruise to all who want to commemorate their trip or would like to celebrate any auspicious events. Nakanoshima is more relaxed and not as busy as the bustling Osaka Minami area. In the evening the neon lights sparkling like gemstones create a truly breathtaking scenery. Enjoy the stunning sunset and skyline from the comfy sofas in private on your very own chartered cruise. Bringing your own food and drinks purchased in advance is permitted, so why not throw a party you will never forget?

▲The Taisho era retro architecture of the Osaka City Central Public Hall makes for the perfect picture background

▲The tranquil yet stunning nightly landscape is perfect for an unforgettable date

▲Disembark at Fukushima (Hotarumachi) Port

  • Private VIP Cruise of Nakanoshima

    Osaka City Kita Area(Umeda, Fukushima, Temma)

    Recommended for couples,Recommen…

Elegant charter cruise Himawari

Himawari cruise offers you a unique chance to escape the mundane. How about enjoying a delicious meal in the middle of the river flowing through central Osaka? From simple and frugal boxed lunches to full-course meals, there’s a wide selection of delicious meals you can choose from.

▲The stylish wooden interior perfectly complements your delicious meal

Best choice for those short on time!

Easy access from Shinsaibashi - the Dotonbori Pirates Cruise

With its proximity to Shinsaibashi and ease of use the Pirate Cruise is the best option for the frugal folk. The tour will take you on a short trip through Dotonbori, the most popular and busiest part of Osaka.

The boarding location is in the middle of the famous Dotonbori for easy access. With a duration of just 20 minutes it is easy to hop on! You can even use your Osaka Pass to enjoy the cruise for free!

▲Hop on board and enjoy the view of the most iconic spots of Osaka like the Dotonbori street or the Glico Man

▲Cruise through the most prominent shopping street and promenade of Osaka
※The operation of the Pirate Cruise is temporarily suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • -Dotonbori Pirates Cruise-

    Osaka City Minami Area(Shinsaibashi, Namba, Nipponbashi)

    Recommended for families,Recomme…

Charter cruise for up to 54 passengers with an all-you-can-drink drink bar!

Sushi charter cruise with a 2 hour free drink bar included

Sushi charter cruise with a 2 hour free drink bar included

  • PIRATES Sushi Cruise (With a 2 hour all-you-can-drink)

    Osaka City Kita Area(Umeda, Fukushima, Temma)

    Recommended for couples,Recommen…

Charter barbecue cruise with a 2 hour free drink bar included

▲Turn up the heat and enjoy a lovely barbecue on board
※You can choose from three course options (A, B, C)

▲The ship is so spacious there’s even a proper bar counter inside!

▲Available to groups of 10 people and more, you can charter this large boat and enjoy two hours of delicious food and unforgettable scenery. The furniture is all moveable so you can arrange them it to your liking! Perfect for any and all occasions.

As the cruise is available as a private charter only it’s perfect for social distancing as well, not to mention the clean air! The boat is equipped with a roof, restrooms and heating, making it an excellent choice in just about any weather!

  • PIRATES BBQ Course (With a 2 hour all-you-can-drink)

    Osaka City Kita Area(Umeda, Fukushima, Temma)

    Recommended for groups,Large Gro…

Completely private small boat charter cruise!

▲Cruise around Osaka in a stylish private boat for up to 9 people

Enjoy Osaka to the fullest on this 1 hour cruise! Up to groups of 9 people, perfect for couples, families or groups of friends alike! With no roof in your way enjoy the view to the fullest. Cruise around Nakanoshima and enjoy the skyline with retro buildings and highrises. As it’s a private charter cruise for your group only there’s no need to worry about Covid either!

  • PIRATES RED - Private Osaka Cruise Embark on an adventure and explore Osaka For up to 9 people

    Osaka City Kita Area(Umeda, Fukushima, Temma)

    Recommended for couples,Recommen…

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