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The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜

  • Get a sweeping view of Osaka Bay from the deck!
  • Feel the relaxing, gentle breeze on board!
  • Enjoy a comfortable, laid-back time.
  • Take perfect pictures for social media!
  • Deep Booking Exclusive: Postcard(Only until March 2020)
HostOsaka Bay Cruise Santa Maria
DaysEveryday (except New Year’s Eve, Early January〜 Early February, Mid-February)
TimeDay Cruise: 11:00am~4:00pm
Twilight Cruise: 5:30pm~, 6:30pm~, 7:00pm~ (April〜October: Weekends and
Holidays ※August: Everyday) (Hours of operation change depending on the
season) (Not available if a charter cruise is booked)
DurationDay Cruise: About 45 minutes
Twilight Cruise: About 1 Hour


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Day Cruise


・About 45 Minutes
・Deep Booking Exclusive: Postcard(Only until March 2020)



1-chome-1 Kaigandori, Minato-ku, Osaka, 552-0022, Japan


10 mins. from Osakako Station exit 1 by foot (Osaka Metro)

The Experience

◆Writer:Mika (DeepExperience Content Creator)
This time we boarded the sightseeing cruise ship, Santa Maria. We also brought along a friend from Korea, who’s excited for her first day cruise!
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
Let’s see what kind of ship the Santa Maria is!

First off

From Osakako Station, head towards the Tempozan Harbor Village/Kaiyukan West Pier, and get your ticket.
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
※We went on the 12:00pm cruise.

Head down the stairs, and get ready to board.

※First-class ticket holders line up on the other side of the red rope.

▼ The Santa Maria
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
It was bigger than I expected! Reminds of a pirate ship, lol.

Now, we’re ready to push off!

▼Let's Go~
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
▼So exciting...!
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
▼Leaving the pier〜
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜

The ship interior

The Santa Maria is a four-story ship, with a different space on each floor. Check them all out and see where you want to spend your time.

1st Floor: Columbus room

▼ This room has a lot of maritime equipment on display.
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
There’s lots of unique items. Our friend seemed excited to take a look around!
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
If you’re interested in ships, definitely check this floor out.

▼ Press the switch on the cannon and...
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
...well, you’ll just have to see for yourself ;)

2nd Floor: The Food Court

▼ The spacious dining area
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
You can purchase food and drinks here, so it’s a great place to enjoy a meal and the view.

▼ Of course, we sat by the window
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
▼ The view outside
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
Our friend ordered the mixed juice. Yum!

3rd Floor: First Class

A first class booking is an extra ¥500, but gives you access to the VIP room. It’s a nice place to escape the crowds when there are lots of passengers.

▼ Columbus points to the entrance.
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜

Going inside

▼ It’s a little more luxurious here.
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
▼ This is the most popular window seat in the VIP room. Once we sat in this spot, we understood why.
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
If you want the most relaxing experience, then first class is the best way to go. Also, first class comes with either a drink or ice cream.

The Deck

▼ The most popular spot on the ship, the deck.
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
At the very front is the highest point, where you can get a great view of the scenery.

▼ There are also benches!
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
This is a popular spot so there tends to be a lot of people here, but we were able to snap a pic while it wasn’t crowded!

▼ The weather was great and the breeze was really nice.
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
With the wind in our faces, and scenery changing, we...

▼ Passed under bridges...
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
▼ Looked through telescopes...
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
And before we knew it, 45 minutes was up and we had already arrived at our destination.

As we were leaving, our friend turned to me and said, “I want to go again!” Honestly, I could understand why.

We had a wonderful time on the Santa Maria day cruise. There’s also the twilight cruise, which lets you see the sunset! I can just imagine how romantic it would be.
If you like sunsets, definitely give that one a try!
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜

Exclusive Postcard Gift

▼ You get this postcard if you book through DeepExperience. (Only until March 2020)
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜

Last moments

▼ Photos of our time
The Santa Maria 〜Day Cruise〜
If you come on board the Santa Maria, definitely capture the memories of your time in Osaka!

Important Notes

・Due to weather and sea conditions, service may be suspended or changes may be made to the course for safety purposes.
Cancellation Policy