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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Cafe Tour in Fukushima

  • Discover the charm of Fukushima, an area unknown to tourists!
  • Conveniently located 1 stop from Osaka Station!
  • Tour cafes perfect for interior design and coffee lovers!
  • Go to the cafes that you want!
  • Have your guide take pictures for your instagram!
Duration2 Hours
Participants1~3 People
IncludedGuide, 1 Drink at Each Cafe
MeetJR Fukushima Station
EndJR Fukushima Station


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Cafe Tour In Fukushima


Duration: 2 Hours 
Meet: JR Fukushima Station
End: JR Fukushima Station
Included: Guide, 1 Drink at Each Cafe

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Meeting Place

JR Fukushima Station Ticket Gate


JR Fukushima Station

Tour Information

Fukushima is a business district in Osaka, with many buildings lining the streets. Recently, however, more and more reasonably-priced restaurants have been opening up in the area. While it’s becoming a competitive hotbed for new eateries, it’s still relatively unknown to people outside of Osaka. We’d like to show you around, so don’t miss out on this up-and-coming hot spot!
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
Even though it’s only one stop from Umeda Station, you rarely see any tourists here.

So with that, let’s take a look around the area and see what the place has to offer!

▼JR Fukushima Station

First off, cafe selection!

We will visit 2 cafes. The first will be a guide recommendation, and the second will be up to you. (We’ll show you several cafes and you can choose from among those options).

Here’s an example of some places the tour might take you...
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima

ex.1:A cafe for coffee lovers

▼A jar full of coffee beans...and a working light bulb?!
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
▼Inside are counter seats only. For hot coffee, you can choose the mug yourself from the shelf above!
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
▼A cool looking roasting machine, and the aroma of fresh coffee^^
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
▼There are also other options like smoothies, black sesame latte, and citron tea^^
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
▼The pressed coffee (with your choice of beans)
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima

Get it to go

There’s a variety of coffee beans inside the store. If you like any in particular, you can buy them^^ They could also be good as souvenirs or presents! You might occasionally see locals coming to do exactly that.

This is a cafe for those who want a local feel or relaxed atmosphere! The shopkeeper is very friendly too and can talk about lots of things.

Moving on to the next place, we’ll take a look around town and you can check out some of the cute stores! ^^

ex.2:A trendy Korean-owned cafe

▼A super popular cafe among the trendy younger crowd. Whether it's the drinks or the interior, this place has an emphasis on aesthetics.
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
▼The stylish interior
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
▼Music and movies to fit the mood.
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima

Changing interior, 2x a year

The owner’s into interior design, so the layout changes at least twice a year. Sometimes, there are intermittent changes too. The next large-scale remodeling is planned for February 2020, so if you go after that, it may be an entirely different cafe♪

Instagrammable drinks!

▼Their no.1 item, soyon latte, and the matcha latte
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
▼Mirrors surround the store, so you can get a pic with the interior from any angle♪
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
▼You can get pics like these too
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
That was just one example of a tour. There are many more possibilities, so please come and see what’s in store♪

Other options: A quick glance

Here are some other options.

▼A stylish cafe with a great interior and exterior
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
Go inside and you’ll find mini exhibits for artists. They also have small items and accessories for sale!

▼A cafe decorated in white
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
They have various kinds of bagels and toast. The interior has a very relaxed atmosphere.

▼A Japanese-style cafe inside a guesthouse
Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
They make their own bread and sweets. For lunch, the “Continental Curry” is a popular item.

Visit a couple cafes and get some pics for your Instagram!

Cafe Tour in Fukushima Cafe Tour in Fukushima
Take to the streets of Fukushima and visit a couple cafes! Get the perfect pics for your Instagram! Why not join us for some coffee?

Guide Introduction

  • Saki
    English, Japanese

    Hi, I am Saki! I was born in Awaji Island. I used to live in Hiroshima and Vancouver. And now I live in Osaka! I enjoy it here, cause there are a lot of nice places such as Osaka castle park, good restaurants, cafes, and Izakayas (Japanese pubs). I would like to go there with you guys. I’m sure we will have a good time. I am looking forward to seeing you in Osaka, and having a wonderful time together! See you soon!

  • Masumi
    English, Japanese

    Hello everyone! I’m Masumi. I grew up in Osaka and lived on the Gold Coast in Australia.
    I love nature, city life, temples, shrines, delicious food, and Japanese sake. I really like talking with people from other countries. Osaka is a lively, gourmet and historic city. The locals are friendly. I would like to introduce you amazing places that you would want to tell others about. Enjoy Osaka! I’m excited about meeting you.

  • Yumi
    English, Japanese

    Hi, there, I’m Yumi! I grew up in Nara, which is a small prefecture next to Osaka, and used to live in Australia for a few years. I’ve been really keen on traveling around the world and meeting new people. So, I’d love to talk with you and enjoy every moment together here in Osaka. Even though Osaka isn’t my hometown, I used to work here for 5 years and it's where I spent my early and mid 20’s. That’s why I have lots of my favorite things which I’d like to recommend you! I’d say you can have brilliant and memorable experiences with me in this exciting and lively city! I’m looking forward to seeing all of you guys :)

Important Notes

✴︎ Please be on time.
✴︎ The tour will continue in the event of light rain.
✴︎ The tour may be canceled for safety purposes in the event of bad weather conditions such as typhoons.
✴︎ There is no need to pay for the guide’s food and drinks.
Cancellation Policy