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Lunch Buffet with Takoyaki Making Experience

  • 5 min walk from Namba Station
  • Located in the heart of south Osaka (city), near Kuromon Ichiba Market.
  • Make takoyaki yourself, and enjoy it while it's hot.
  • In addition to takoyaki, you can enjoy the lunch buffet, which features all-you-can-eat pork, a salad bar, various side dishes, tempura, dessert, and coffee.
HostNamba Oriental Hotel
PlaceNamba Oriental Hotel 2F "Nagi"
Duration1.5 Hours


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Lunch Buffet with Takoyaki Making Experience


・Buffet: 1.5 Hours

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2-8-17 Sennichi-Mae, Chuo-Ku, Osaka 542-0074, Japan


5 mins. from Namba Station by foot

Activity Information

What is Nagi?

Operated by Namba Oriental Hotel, Nagi is a restaurant built around the concept of incorporating lots of vegetables and Osakan specialties.
For breakfast, they have a Japanese/Western buffet, lunch is their Vege-Smile Buffet, and dinner is all-you-can-eat shabu shabu (Japanese hot pot with thin-cut meat) or sukiyaki.
The vegetables are locally sourced from Osakan farmers and the rice is produced in Japan.
Lunch Buffet with Takoyaki Making Experience Lunch Buffet with Takoyaki Making Experience

Getting to the Hotel

Most tourists tend to use the Midosuji Line to get to the hotel. So, for that reason, the directions here will be from Namba Station by way of the Midosuji Line.

1. Exit the Kita-higashi gate, and continue down the right-hand side.
2. You should see "Namba Walk" written on the signs overhead (and pass a cosmetics store, KITTO, on your left)
3. Continue through Namba Walk until you get to exit B21. The escalators will be on the right. Take them up.
4. Once you get to the top, you should see the entrance to a shopping street with a Bic Camera on your right. Go down this street.
5. Look for a Lawson to your left, and the entrance to Namba Oriental Hotel will be next door.
6. After entering the revolving doors, take the elevators on the left to the 2nd floor.
Lunch Buffet with Takoyaki Making Experience Lunch Buffet with Takoyaki Making Experience

Making Takoyaki in Osaka

Let's make takoyaki, the staple comfort food of Osaka. You can then enjoy it piping hot. For the takoyaki making experience, the necessary ingredients and equipment will be provided at every table, enough for 20 per person. A leaflet with pictures and instructions will be prepared in 4 languages: Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese. On top of that, you can enjoy the all-you-can-eat "Vege-Smile Buffet." This includes over 30 dishes with tempura, pork, and many vegetable-based side dishes. The menu changes on a month-to-month basis. Enjoy a great lunch at a great value.
Lunch Buffet with Takoyaki Making Experience Lunch Buffet with Takoyaki Making Experience

Special Memories with Nagi

When it comes to Osaka, one thing you can't miss is the takoyaki. Osaka is known throughout Japan for this dish, and not many people outside of the area normally make it themselves.
As such, Nagi would like to invite you to join its Lunch Buffet with Takoyaki Making Experience, where you can enjoy learning how to make your own takoyaki, as well as dining all-you-can-eat on various Japanese dishes.
Why not bring along friends and loved ones to create special memories of Osaka together with Nagi?
Lunch Buffet with Takoyaki Making Experience Lunch Buffet with Takoyaki Making Experience

Important Notes

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