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Sake, Food, and Music: "Sake Night Mukune Buffet" at Daimon Brewery

  • Try a variety of sake in this all-you-can-drink event.
  • Pair the sake with delicious Japanese food, buffet-style.
  • Take in the atmosphere of the traditional Japanese estate's [Sakahan Gallery].
  • Enjoy the jazz ensemble of Hot Sauce, who performs once a month.

At A Glance

HostDaimon Brewery
ActivityMukune Buffet (Friday Night Buffet)
PlaceDaimon Brewery
Duration2 Hours



3-chome-12-1 Moriminami, Katano-shi, Osaka, 576-0031, Japan


8 mins. from Kawachi-Iwafune Station by foot


Daimon Brewery Sake Night 2 hour All-You-Can-Drink + Buffet

29.59 USD

・Buffet with Japanese Sake: 2 Hours 
・Band performance dates are irregular

Important Notes

・The band performance is done on an irregular basis, and may not available depending on the date of your booking.
・In accordance with Japanese law, persons under 20 years of age are not legally permitted to consume alcohol.
Cancellation Policy

The Experience

◆Writer: Ashley (DeepExperience Content Creator)
Today I went to Daimon Brewery's Sake Night Mukune Buffet. I came ready to relax and unwind with some good food and premium sake (or nihonshu, as it's called in Japan).

When people hear Osaka, I think most picture lively city streets and nightlife. But this time, we’re going to take a step out of the big city and into the quiet area of Katano. The minute I stepped out of the station, there was a calm and serene atmosphere that made me doubt whether I was still in Osaka.

Daimon Brewery was established in 1826. Using techniques refined over generations, they take high-quality rice, and pristine water from the nearby mountains and turn them into premium sake. Sake Night Mukune Buffet is a weekly Friday event that allows you to try as much of this sake as you’d like. Plus, you get a delicious Japanese meal, buffet style. And depending on the date, there may also live music.

Well then, first of all, let’s talk about how to get there. Plan for it to take about 40-50 minutes from central Osaka. The fastest route would be to go to Kyobashi Station and then transfer to the JR Gakkentoshi Line (also known as the Katamachi Line). Get off at Kawachi-Iwafune Station and then it's just a short walk away.

▼How to get to Kawachi-Iwafune Station.
▼From the station, it’s about an 8 minute walk to Daimon Brewery.
▼Continue into the residential area and keep going until you see this place on your left. It looks like an old Japanese estate.
Sake Night begins at 7 pm, so it was already dark out by the time we got there. Once we passed through the gate, we found ourselves in the Japanese garden, which gave off a really nice vibe in the moonlight.

▼If you go further in, you’ll come to a fork. Take a right here, and the entrance will be straight ahead.
▼As soon as we opened the door, we were greeted with this lineup of sake. I couldn’t wait to give them a try!
In the back is an open space with two large wooden tables and bench-like seating. This is the dining area. On stage, the band, Hot Sauce, was getting their instruments ready. This entire space for the night's event is the Sakahan Gallery. We arrived a bit early, so the place was kind of empty. (But more people came and it became a very lively Friday night!)

▼Hot Sauce preparing for their performance.
(Only 3 members can be seen here, but there are actually 4.)
Once it hit 7 o’clock, the sound of Jazz filled the air, and Sake Night had officially begun. (Give it a listen)
As the music sets the mood, we’re on to the main event, dinner and more importantly, drinks. Let’s get started with the first round.

▼There are so many different kinds of sake! Can I even try all of them in 2 hours!?
If you have trouble deciding, the staff will explain the different features of your options and can make recommendations to cater to your tastes. If you don’t know Japanese, Yasutaka Daimon, the sixth-generation and current president of the brewery, can speak English. He spent some time traveling the world, and so he speaks fluently.

Here are some general recommendations!

For first-timers, Hanzaemon is a really good choice. Daimon Brewery’s sakes tend to be on the sweeter side, which make them pretty easy to drink, Hanzaemon especially. It has a sweet, fruity, lychee-like aroma. It’s very popular.

For those who want something a little sharper, Iwafune is a nice pick. It’s a very traditional sake from the local area that offers a sharp, clear flavor with a smooth finish.

▼President Daimon giving an explanation on sake (Left). The different options available (Right).
▼There’s also a lot of different food! It was all freshly made and piping hot. Perfect for a cold winter night and pairs great with the sake.
I ended up choosing Genshu for my first cup. Sake is usually diluted with water at the end of the production process, but Genshu is not. This gives it a richer and stronger flavor. As for the food, there was a good variety! I remember grabbing rice balls, konnyaku (devil’s tongue), tofu, fish, chicken, and pork stewed in sake to name a few. Actually, there were more dishes like salad, hotpot, other vegetables, etc. Anyway, with my first plate of food and cup of sake in hand, it was time to dig in!

▼My first round of food and sake.
We kept eating and drinking, and the first hour had passed before we knew it.

▼As the band went into intermission, Mr. Daimon took to the stage. He gave a short talk about sake and the history of the brewery.
Now it's time for the second half.

Maybe it was because of the weekend, but no one was slowing down. Even I was on my third cup, Iwafune. I had it hot. Sake is already great as is, but warming it up just raises it to the next level! Especially during the cold winter. As the warmth of the alcohol filled my body, I went back for a final plate of food.

▼Special Container to Heat Sake (Left) Special Premium Hot Sake Iwafune (Right)
The night was coming to a close, and we were already full, so we decided to take a look around.
With permission from Mr. Daimon’s son, we were able to check out Mukune Tei on the second floor. This is the brewery’s restaurant area, where they serve seasonal home-style cooking and of course, various sake.

▼Mukune Tei, located in the second floor of brewery, renovated and relaunched back in January 2018.
Well then, it’s time to return to the Sakahan Gallery. It's used for the buffet, but they also have other events here from time to time.

▼Sakahan Gallery on the first floor
Before we realized, it was already 9 pm. Time really flies when you’re having fun. Sake Night Mukune Buffet is completely different from other buffets I’ve had before. I think it’s a great way to get a taste of traditional Japanese food culture.

Daimon Brewery is a place that reflects tradition and history; from the wooden construction of the main hall, to the atmosphere, to the home-style cooking, and the sake itself, it was a uniquely Japanese experience.

The workers at Daimon Brewery make their sake with care and detail to attention at every step, and it shows in the final product. The sake we had tonight was delicious!

It was a really fun and refreshing experience with Sake Night Mukune Buffet! If you like sake, I definitely recommend it.