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Sightseeing SUP Tour, Dotonbori Course

  • Hop on a SUP and tour Osaka from the river surface
  • See the iconic Glico sign in Dotonbori
  • See a rare sight, the underside of suspended bridges and speedways up close
  • Guide included, perfect for first-timers
  • Have a blast with family, friends or co-workers
VenueJapan CitySUP Association
Business daysExcept Tuesdays (available if Tuesday is a national holiday)
Business hours11:00〜/13:00〜/15:00〜
Duration60 minutes


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Sightseeing SUP Tour, Dotonbori Course


Duration: 60 minutes
Capacity: Up to 4 passengers per craft
Inclusions: Rental fee, guide fee, insurance, other fees

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〒540-0029 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Hommachibashi 4-8 β Hommachibashi


OsakaMetro Tanimachi Line, Tanimachi 4-chome Station, exit 4 (8 minutes)
OsakaMetro Sakaisuji Line or Chuo Line, Sakaisuji-Honmachi Station, exit 1 (6 minutes)
Keihan Main Line, Kitahama Station, exit 5 (10 minutes)

Activity Information

Stand-up Paddling (SUP) also locally referred to as “Water surface strolling” is a popular activity that offers you a chance to enjoy the stunning view of Osaka from a rather unique angle. Most people associate SUPs with the seaside, however river SUPs are just as an excellent activity as the sea version.
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース

Meeting point: β Hommachibashi Higashi Yokoborigawa

Osaka is one of the few cities in the world that you can tour on water as well. It is no wonder that Osaka is locally referred to as the “Capital on water” and with this SUP experience you have an opportunity to explore it from a unique perspective.

▽”β Hommachibashi” aims to create an open waterfront space that anyone can enjoy
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース
▽With thorough yet gentle instruction, even total beginners can safely enjoy this experience
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース
▽Disc-shaped SUP (for up to 4 people)
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース
There are chairs available so you can enjoy the ride in comfort. It is also possible to try your hand at paddling should you wish to do so! Since this is a private experience for you and your group only, you can enjoy a bit of privacy along with the view.

The highly sought-after Dotonbori course!

This course will take you a lovely trip from β Hommachibashi, through Higashi Yokoborigawa and Doton River, around such popular spots and sights like the Dotonbori promenade or the Glico sign, all the way to the Minatomachi dock. You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable and passionate guide, so you can just relax and enjoy the ride.

▽Popular tourist area, Dotonbori
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース
▽A rare sight, the underside of a suspended bridge!
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース

Impressive sight of a speedway running through a metropolis

The Hanshin Expressway running above the Higashi Yokoborigawa and Dotonborigawa rivers becomes a massive roof over your head during this experience, so you can also enjoy the SUP ride in rainy weather.

▽The view from below the highway is breathtaking.
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース
▽Get a close glance as you pass underneath the bridges.
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース

Onward to Dotonbori, one of the top tourist spots of Osaka!

See Osaka from a whole new perspective as you float underneath highway bridges and between rows of majestic buildings of a metropolis. As you navigate the canals of Osaka catch a glimpse of some of the most popular tourist spots, like the Dotonbori strip or the iconic Glico sign; both perfect photo opportunities to commemorate your visit!

▽Dotonbori riverside
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース

Minatomachi dock, a stone’s throw from Hori-e and Namba!

The experience ends at the Minatomachi dock bear Dotonbori. Since the Minami area is quite close from here we highly recommend exploring it a bit after the tour or perhaps indulge in a bit of shopping.

▽Minatomachi Dock
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース

Create special memories of your trip to Osaka!

The SUP experience can be enjoyed by all age ranges and offers a rare opportunity to experience Osaka from a rather unique angle. Whether with your friends or family, your special someone or even your pets, this experience is bound to become a treasured memory.
水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース 水上さんぽガイドツアー 道頓堀コース


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Important Notes

・Even though operation will not cease in mild rain, the experience might get canceled due to severe weather. In that case your party representative will be contacted via email or phone after 17:00 the day before the day of the experience.
・The experience will be canceled if severe weather warning is issued, e.g. water surge warning, severe storm, typhoon, tsunami and other.
・Maximum SUP capacity is 4 passengers. In case of booking for more than 4 passengers, the group will be divided into two teams each with their own SUP craft. Circumstances permitting, we will aim to operate both crafts side-by-side.
・There is no age restriction, however elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times.
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