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Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP"

  • Kendo lecture by a master with over 20 years of experience
  • Learn about kendo as not just a competitive sport, but also as an important part of the culture
  • Even absolute beginners can try their hand at sparring
  • Demonstrations by instructors from all over Japan
  • Your very own tenugui towel actually used in kendo as a gift
Venue:Park for us Co. Ltd.
Business days:Irregular
Business hours:10:00~12:00
Duration:1.5~2 hours


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Kendo Experience


Duration: 1.5 ~ 2 hours

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〒540-0002 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Osaka Castle 2-1 Shudokan (within castle premises)


20 minutes on foot from either:
Subway Tanimachi Line, Tenmabashi Station Exit 3 / Tanimachi 4-Chome Station Exit 1-B
Subway Chuo Line, Morinomiya station Exit 1 / Tanimachi 4-Chome Station Exit 9
Osaka Loop Line Morinomiya station Central Exit

Activity Information

A real kendo experience tour

Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art as well as a contemporary competitive sport, using special swords to strike the officially permitted areas of the opponents body.
Through kendo, practitioners can learn about and hone the three virtues of unity of body and mind, proper etiquette and the lifelong path of the sword.

Experienced instructors will guide you through the manners and etiquette of kendo all the way to the proper striking and sparring techniques, finishing your training with a mini sparring game to test your skills and new knowledge.

The silence of the dojo, the solemn manners, the sound of clashing practice swords and echoing of the voices of the fighters...the honing of one's own skill, body and mind is truly an unforgettable experience.
【Standard program flow】
・Changing into training clothes
・Basics of etiquette/ceremonial greeting
・Lecture on basics
・Sword striking practice
・Practicing striking against the instructor
・Interval training
・Lecture on culture of kendo
・Putting on helmets
・Practicing striking against the instructor
・Mini sparring
・Ceremonial greeting
・Commemorative photo shot
・Changing back into own clothes
・End of experience
Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP" Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP"
Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP" Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP"
Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP" Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP"
Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP" Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP"
Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP" Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP"

Not just a sport, but an indispensable part of the culture

There will be a small lecture not just on the competitive aspects of kendo like striking techniques and sparring, but also on the culture, history and manners of kendo.
This way you will gain a deeper understanding of both the cultural and the spiritual aspects of kendo.
Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP" Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP"

Even absolute beginners can enjoy a sparring bout

We incorporate a sparring-based mini game in the experience, so even absolute beginners can try to actually cross swords.
The experience is supervised by a very experienced and highly skilled instructor, so everyone can participate without any safety concerns.
Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP" Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP"
Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP" Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP"

A practical demonstration by some of the top instructors in Japan

Enjoy a demonstration of advanced techniques as performed by some of the best kendo practitioners of Japan.
Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP" Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP"

We will gift you an authentic tenugui used during kendo

All participants will be given a tenugui towel used to wrap around your head when putting the helmet on.
Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP" Kendo Experience Tour "SAMURAI TRIP"


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Important Notes

・Please listen to the instructor and staff instruction at all times during the experience. The experience provider shall not be liable nor accountable for any accidents or injuries result from failure to comply to instructions.
・The dojo is a sacred place for samurai practice on par with a place of worship. Please refrain from speaking loudly and touching the equipment.
・Experience available in Japanese and English only.
・Please remove all piercings, earrings and other accessories before the start of the experience.
・Wearing glasses might make it difficult to wear the helmet properly and increases the likelihood of injury or damage to the glasses. Please be sure to use contact lenses instead.
・Please leave your valuables in the designated locker or with the staff.
・Please do not wave the practice sword randomly and adjust the striking force appropriately, especially if sparring with children or women.
・Please be advised in advance that there might be limits to the available sizes of the equipment. Should it prove difficult for you to wear and use the equipment properly due to size differences you will not be permitted to participate in the experience due to safety reasons. In that case a part of a different experience will be provided as an alternative.
・During the experience do not overexert yourself, take breaks as necessary and do not forget to hydrate.
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