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Colorful Chalk Art Experience

  • From small children to senior citizens, anyone can enjoy♪
  • Don't worry if you can't draw. It's as easy as doing a coloring book♪
  • Close to the station, no need to bring anything♪
  • Relaxing, and is also good for developing kids' right brains♪
  • Decorate your house with the completed work or give it to someone as a present♡
Time10am~ / 1:30pm~
Duration2 Hours


…Immediate Booking …Request Booking

Give Chalk Art a Try ♪


Duration: 2 Hours (18cm² Board)
※First-timers only ※Price for 1~2 People

Give Chalk Art a Try ♪ Discounted Price for Groups of 3〜4


Duration: 2 Hours (18cm² Board)
※First-timers only ※Book with 3 or more people and each get ¥500 off!

Try Fun Parent-Child Doodling ♪


Duration: 2 Hours (1x18cm² Board)
※With child, first-timers only (the price is for both the child and parent)
※Additional children are ¥2000 each (up to 2 more) 
※Please inquire for bookings with families of 5 or more. (06-6147-6205)
※This plan is not for kids alone. A guardian must join together.

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Toyonaka City, Osaka


5 mins. Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway [Ryokuchikoen Station] by foot
※Detailed address will be given after booking

Activity Information

From Australia, vivid sign art

Chalk art is art on signboards that originates from Australia.
You may have seen these as menus or welcome signs in restaurants and cafes.
Signs with vivid colors and beautifully drawn gradients draw in your attention, right?
People say that chalk art is very eyecatching.

When people hear chalk art, everyone says ""you draw with chalk?"" But actually, we use oil pastels, which look like crayons. They have a lot of oil in them, so it can feel really smooth and velvety.

We will create chalk art not with pens or brushes, but with just our fingers.
That's why it's simple art that anyone can do, even small kids or people who "can't draw".
Colorful Chalk Art Experience	Colorful Chalk Art Experience

Fingers on the blackboard, then go round and round...

After putting on the pastels, we'll mix with our fingers. This is chalk art where the body heat from your finger transfers onto the oil pastels and into the art. This way of drawing must be where the warmth of this art comes from. The background is black, so the colors really pop when finished.

Express yourself with new colors and designs, and create a beautiful gradient. It's fun and relaxing. That's the charm of chalk art. Why not give it a try and enjoy art that's 100% hand-made and uniquely yours?

The finished work will be treated with a spray coating, so that it does not smear easily to the touch. It is semipermanent, so you can enjoy it not only as a sign, but it's also great for interior decoration and as a present.
※Chalk art is weak to water and direct sunlight. Please be careful where you place it.
Colorful Chalk Art Experience	Colorful Chalk Art Experience

Just give it a try ♪

What is chalk art? If you are asking this question, why not just give it a try first?

From several samples, you can choose your favorite sketch. Your work will be treated and you can take it home same day. All materials are provided. (materials and treatment included in cost)
Colorful Chalk Art Experience	Colorful Chalk Art Experience

☆Plan Intro☆ ①Give Chalk Art a Try ♪

Seasonal design.
※Only for first-timers 2 Hours ¥3,000 (18cm² Board) (Book with 3 or more people and get ¥500 off each!)
Colorful Chalk Art Experience	Colorful Chalk Art Experience

☆Plan Intro☆ ②Try Fun Parent-Child Doodling ♪

Design appropriate for age of child (elementary age or younger). This plan is for first-timers together with kids only.  ¥5,000 for parent and child together♪ (1 18cm² board) ¥2,000 for each additional child (Up to 2 more kids)
Colorful Chalk Art Experience	Colorful Chalk Art Experience

Important Notes

・Small children may participate. (please wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty)
・Please feel free to consult about number of people, etc.
Cancellation Policy