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Make Cute Sushi Art!!

  • Anticipation and suspense until you cut into the finished roll!
  • Comes with a simple recipe to make it again at home
  • Try your own handmade sushi♪
  • SImple dessert included
  • Close to various cute stores and cafes to enjoy after the lesson!
HostCookingstudio Colore
Duration2.5 Hours


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Perfect for Instagram! Cute Sushi Art


・Duration: 2.5 Hours (2 Hour Lesson+30 Minutes to eat)
・Included: Lesson, Ingredients, Recipe, Tea, Snack
※Men cannot participate alone. Please make sure to book together with a woman.

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Activity Information

Make cute sushi you can be proud of!

Follow a step-by-step recipe with pictures and make beautiful sushi art that'll have people wondering, "How did you make this?" It's less cooking per se and more like assembling, so it's not a problem if you're not the best chef. The necessary ingredients are all provided, so all you have to do is follow along and put the pieces together. Before long, your cute sushi creations will be complete. Snap some shots and proceed to eat. You'll also enjoy a simple dessert. Don't forget to upload the pics onto your social media accounts. You'll be sure get lots of likes!
Make Cute Sushi Art!!	Make Cute Sushi Art!!

Convenient location within walking distance to Umeda!

Whether you come from Nakazakicho or Tenjimbashi Rokuchome Station, it's only a 5-minute walk. They're only one stop from Osaka Station, so you can walk from there too. Nearby are cute stores and cafes that you can explore afterwards. Japan's longest shopping street, Tenjinbashisuji, and Osaka Museum of Housing and Living are also 5 minutes away by foot. Figure out your next destination while you enjoy your sushi.
Make Cute Sushi Art!!	Make Cute Sushi Art!!

2 kinds of designs (animals & flowers)

If there's something you want to make, please request. One per person, but only the first two requests will be heard. Please choose from animals or flowers. Requests will be taken into consideration as much as possible, but please understand that they may not be met fully. If you have no particular request, please specify something general, like delicious, cute, or simple, etc.
Make Cute Sushi Art!!	Make Cute Sushi Art!!

Look forward to cut! And see what design appears.

You can't tell what sort of design it will be while you're making the sushi. Just wait until you cut in and see what appears. Book as a couple or group and you'll have even more to look forward to.
Make Cute Sushi Art!!	Make Cute Sushi Art!!

Have your handmade sushi for lunch or take it with you.

Please give the sushi you make a try. It's not only cute, but the flavor is real too. It's known to be very delicious. You can also take your leftovers to go (except in Summer).
Make Cute Sushi Art!!	Make Cute Sushi Art!!

Important Notes

※Men cannot participate alone. Please make sure to book together with a woman.
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