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OTAKU~DO (Plastic Model Workshop)

  • You went and bought a plastic model kit, but can't seem to make it like the picture on the box. Has this ever happened to you? At OTAKU~DO, you can learn from an industry pro in this model building workshop.
  • Anime plastic models originated in Japan. Why not try building some plastic models while you're here? The venue is a plastic model shop that can deal with everything from landmark kits to vehicles and aircrafts.
  • Learn how to airbrush. You can also get help with mixing colors and paints. Airbrushing lets you get a realistic metal look with plastics.
  • Package and ship the final product. (costs not included)
  • Beginners welcome.
DurationAbout 8~16 Hours


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1-Day M Course (Mokeiseisaku Studio)


Comparatively simple models like RG/HG Gunpla (Gundam Models), Temples, Castles, Vehicles, Aircrafts, etc.
No refunds if you leave at your own convenience.
The cost of materials is separate.


2-Day M Course (Mokeiseisaku Studio)


MG Gunpla. For experienced builders.
No refunds if you leave at your own convenience.
The cost of materials is separate.
This course is over 2 consecutive days.


1-Day E Course (eightfold studio)


Comparatively simple, out-of-print products.
No refunds if you leave at your own convenience.
The cost of materials is separate.


2-Day E Course (eightfold studio)


Out-of-print products. For experienced builders.
No refunds if you leave at your own convenience.
The cost of materials is separate.
This course is over 2 consecutive days.

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Activity Information

☆Mokeiseisaku Studio

[A word from the owner]

In this age where high-quality products can be easily purchased online, I believe that the joys and difficulties in creating something can help you rediscover yourself.
How about spending some time to make something uniquely yours?

Perhaps you can't build models like the picture on the box, you're not satisfied with just following the instructions, or you want some advice on how to express your creativity, whatever the reason, we're here to support you.
At this store, we provide an environment where you can discover new genres and techniques through our common bond of plastic models. If you keep at it, you can definitely improve your skills and eventually get to a point where you can shape things to your imagination.

[About the venue]

I want people who have never even used nippers, adhesives, etc., to discover the enjoyment they can bring. This is what inspired me to open this store.
You can build plastic models at home, but you may find that things often don't go as expected.
Our store is equipped with ventilation, so you also don't have to worry about fumes from adhesives and lacquers that may be difficult to avoid at home.
And when it comes to learning all tips and tricks of building, the quickest and easiest way is just to ask the pros.

Even costumers who have never touched a model kit can learn all the techniques that the pros use from simple painting to customization.

[What's available]

・Model Construction (Anything from characters, to cars, scale models, etc.)
・Garage Kit Making
・Coloring and Coating
・Adding Script with Cutting Sheets
・Picture booth
・Custom Masking with Plotter
・Project Exhibition (once a year)
・Gunpla Master

[Max Capacity] 8 People
[Business Hours] Weekdays: 12:30pm~8:00pm
Weekends & Holidays: 12:30pm~8:00pm
OTAKU~DO (Plastic Model Workshop) OTAKU~DO (Plastic Model Workshop)


[A word from the owner]

Currently, privately operated plastic model shops are on the decline.
Not just plastic model shops, but brick-and-mortar shops in general have become a bit more difficult to maintain.
However, I feel a bit sad to live in a world where hobby goods can only sold by large retailers or on the net.

Building plastic models has a tendency to result in doing everything by yourself.
On the one hand, you have sociable people who join clubs or events and are active on social media. On the side of the spectrum however, I believe there are quite a few people who have difficulty establishing such relationships or turn to isolation.

I hope to fulfil the role of plastic model shops of the past, where people of all different backgrounds can come and gather to look at and buy products, enjoy communication and exchange of information, display their own works, or appreciate the works of others.

Also, I'd like to help spread plastic model building as a hobby more people can enjoy.
Aside from professionals, I believe that it is not good for people to spend all of their time building either. How about joining us and adding plastic model building (mokatsu) to your lifestyle centered around work, school, and societal activities or alongside other hobbies like sports, music, or fishing, etc.?
Building models require you to think as you use your hands, so I believe it will benefit other parts of your life too :)

[About the venue]

Making studio
Long time hobbyists and industry professionals also come, many of which are quite socialable, so you might also be able to enjoy some casual conversation.

Shop info
This store currently specializes in SciFi robot anime plastic models, making up over 80% of products handled.
Older model kits, resold kits and discontinued kits in particular.
We try to provide these kits in new, used, and vintage conditions at the lowest price possible.
We also operate as a junk shop and have many customers that come to sell or look through these goods.

Rental showcase
The walls of the shore are equipped with acrylic showcases. Each showcase contain vintage kits, completed builds, and display products that are on sale.
Additionally, customers may rent out a showcase. We have customers that use them to display their collection or custom builds, and those who display products they want to sell.

Finally, I hope to maintain this store environment where anyone can stop by and join in regardless of age, sex, or experience.

[What's available]

・Plastic Model Building (You can bring in outside products)
・Coloring and coating

[Maximum Capacity] 2 People
[Address] Tokiwa Building 1F, 1-chome-7-28 Nippombashinishi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, 556-0004, Japan
[Business Hours] 12:00pm~8:00pm
[Closed] Mondays & Tuesdays
OTAKU~DO (Plastic Model Workshop) OTAKU~DO (Plastic Model Workshop)

Important Notes

1. The cost of the plastic model, paints, and other supplies are not included.
2. The price remains the same even if you can't participate the entire time.
3. A separate fee is required if you need to package and ship to an overseas address.
Cancellation Policy