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Umai! Dashi Course

  • Lecture on Japanese cuisine: dashi and umami
  • Demonstration on making bonito flakes and taste testing
  • Learn how to make dashi stock with bonito flakes and kelp
  • Learn how to make clear soup from dashi stock
  • Explanation on reusing dashi ingredients
HostCook Like Japanese Cooking School
Duration1.5~3 Hours


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Dashi Stock Course


Includes Soup

Dashimaki Course


Japanese rolled omelet, rice, soup, and side dish (chicken)

Deluxe Dashimaki Course


Japanese rolled omelet, rice, soup, side dish (chicken), matcha green tea, and dried confectionery

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1-chome-13-30, Shimanouchi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0082, Japan


8 mins. from Shinsaibashi Station by foot (Osaka Metro Midosuji Line)

Activity Information

Learn how to make and use dashi, the very essence of Japanese cuisine.

Dashi is a type of broth that is considered the very soul of Japanese cuisine. Discover the key to unlocking the umami flavor. Watch a demonstration on bonito flakes and find out why it is considered the hardest ingredient in the world. After learning how to make dashi, you'll use it to make a soup. You'll also find out how to reuse the dashi ingredients by making a dish that truly reduces waste. The dashimaki courses will show you how to make dashimaki, which is a Japanese rolled omelet.
Umai! Dashi Course Umai! Dashi Course

Convenient access! Only 8 minutes from Shinsaibashi Station!

The classroom is located in the center of Osaka, just 8 minutes from Shinsaibashi Station. It is usually used to teach French cuisine and sweet-making to Japanese students, so it is fully stocked with cooking utensils and can accommodate large groups of learners. Even if a recipe uses utensils specific to Japan, we'll show you how to make it with what's available in your country.
Umai! Dashi Course Umai! Dashi Course

Two additional courses that include dashimaki and tsukudani.

Apart from soup, you can also use dashi to make a rolled omelet called dashimaki. The Dashimaki Course also includes tsukudani, a stewed dish made from the ingredients used to prepare the dashi. Try it with steaming hot rice!
In the Deluxe Dashimaki Course, which includes everything above, you will also learn how to prepare matcha green tea.
Umai! Dashi Course Umai! Dashi Course

Umai! Umami, the appeal of dashi.

Why is dashi considered the soul of Japanese cuisine? We'll approach this topic from a scientific perspective. You'll also be able to experience the real taste of the umami flavor!
Umai! Dashi Course Umai! Dashi Course

Learn about dashi, the essence of all Japanese cuisine.

Many Osaka dishes use dashi and bonito flakes: takoyaki, okonomiyaki, udon, soba, etc. The Dashi Stock Course will focus on the base ingredient in all of these, the dashi stock. Let's learn how to create the essence of Japanese cuisine!
Umai! Dashi Course Umai! Dashi Course

Important Notes

※ Other participants may be signed up for a different course.
※ You can upgrade your plan on the day of. Must pay additional cost in person.
※ You may not take the food to go.
※ Refunds are not accepted after the booking is confirmed. However, they may be accepted in the event that natural disasters or other circumstances prevent the course from taking place.
※ For Ages 12+.
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