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【Deep Exclusive】The Astonishing and Amazing MAGIC BAR!

  • Deep Exclusive: 1 food item & original stickers!
  • A mystery no matter how many times you see it! Table magic!
  • Be amazed! Illusion show on stage!
  • Not only magic, but also other must-see performances!
  • Contest winning magicians!
HostMagic BAR Tejinaya Umeda


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Magic Show plus 90 Minute All-You-Can-Drink Plan


・90 minute all-you-can-drink (2 hour limit. Time may be extended with additional orders)
・Deep Exclusive: 1 food item & original stickers

Table Magic and Stage Show (No time limit)


・No time limit (1 drink purchase necessary ※not included)
・Deep Exclusive: 1 food item & original stickers



8-17 Taiyujicho, Kita-ku, Osaka, 530-0051


10 mins. from JR Osaka Station, Hankyu Umeda Station by foot
10 mins. from exit M14 nearby Izumi-no-hiroba Plaza in Whity Umeda


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  • Traveler

    Very entertained!

    The Tejinaya system is very fun: have drinks or snacks with friends at a private table and have a magician come by every now and then to entertain, and then come together in front of the stage for a show.

    It was very fun to be entertained by various magicians. I found the math square trick in particular to be very unique.

    During the show portion, the Japanese might be a little confusing, but the magicians’ acts are very entertaining that it should not be much of a bother. The fire eater held an English sign at one point to translate the Japanese on his shirt, which I found to be a nice gesture.

    The show’s music selection was also excellent.

    The emcee was wonderful and charismatic; he was very fun to listen to and watch. His table tricks were very fun, and I even left wishing he had more than just one act during the show.

    By the end of our time, we had a few souvenirs from the table tricks such as the playing cards that we used, which I really appreciated.

    Plan:Magic Show plus 90 Minute All-You-Can-Drink Plan

    When did you visit?:September 2019


The Experience

◆Writer:Mika (DeepExperience Content Creator)
【Deep Exclusive】The Astonishing and Amazing MAGIC BAR!
This time, I went with a couple foreign friends to a magic bar. They’ve never been before, so I wonder just how they’ll react when they witness Japanese magic for the first time...

Meeting up at the magic bar, Tejinaya Umeda

【Deep Exclusive】The Astonishing and Amazing MAGIC BAR!

Let’s go in and check it out!

Even though they call it a bar, the interior was very spacious so it was a bit different than what I had imagined.

DeepExperience Bonus

▼If you book through DeepExperience, you get one food item, on the house!
【Deep Exclusive】The Astonishing and Amazing MAGIC BAR!

Table magic, start!

▼Once our drinks came, a magician quickly came up to us and started performing his act.
【Deep Exclusive】The Astonishing and Amazing MAGIC BAR!

More than just magic?!

▼Tejinaya has not only magic, but other performing acts like juggling, all done right in front of your eyes.
【Deep Exclusive】The Astonishing and Amazing MAGIC BAR!
※The roster of magicians and performers change on a daily basis.

A variety of magicians

One after another, different magicians came to our seats and performed their tricks. They take about 10 to 20 minutes each. (May vary depending on the number of customers).

▼We got pictures with some of them.
【Deep Exclusive】The Astonishing and Amazing MAGIC BAR!

Stage magic show

After a short while, they direct everyone’s attention to the stage!
About once every hour and a half, they have a 40 minute performance.

▼Here’s a bit of what we saw
Feel free to take all the pictures and videos you want during the performance. You can even upload them to social media accounts, no problem!
Just make sure to turn off the flash.

After the show...

We returned to our seats at the table, and the magic continued without a break
We left at around 10pm, but they’re open until 1 in the morning so you can feel free to leave when you want.^^

※The all-you-can-drink plan comes with a 2 hour time limit. However, depending on the number of customers, you may be to extend your time. In that case, you will need to purchase another drink.


Before you leave, you’ll get a set of stickers as a present. These are exclusive stickers that you only get if you book through DeepExperience!

▼You also get an original Tejinaya coaster ^^
【Deep Exclusive】The Astonishing and Amazing MAGIC BAR!
▼Plus a signed card used during the tricks♪
【Deep Exclusive】The Astonishing and Amazing MAGIC BAR!


L.J (US): I was surprised by how close the magicians were. In the magic show I saw as a kid in America, the stage was far from the audience seats. But at Tejinaya, you get to see magic performed right in front of your eyes, and that just takes it to a whole ‘nother level of awesome. Being so close, I thought I might be able to see how the tricks were done, but I couldn’t figure it out at all.

H.J (UK): I’ve seen magic tricks on TV a few times, but this is my first time seeing it performed in person. The magic, of course, was amazing, but the juggling was really great too. The performances are mostly nonverbal, so the language barrier isn’t too much of an issue. I very much enjoyed it. I’d like to come again.

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