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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

【Limited Seats】QUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS – Rhapsody In The Sky

  • Selling out fast! Get your tickets while they last!
  • Only in Japan, special fireworks event!
  • As an option, get an original “Deep” happi, a traditional Japanese coat!
  • 13,000 fireworks will be launched in sync to Queen’s music!
  • About an hour nonstop!
HostCommittee for Osaka Bay Firework Arts Displays
Operating CompanyUNIEARTH CORP Address: 2-chome-1-4 Nakazaki, Kita-ku, Osaka Travel Registry  Number: Osaka Prefectural Government Registered Regional Travel Agent ー no. 2993
Date11/03/2019 (Sun)
Outside exit 2 of the Osaka Metro Cosmo Square Station
TimeShuttle Bus (To the venue) 2:00pm〜2:30pm, 2:30pm〜3:00pm, 3:00pm〜3:30pm,  3:30pm〜4:00pm Open 2:30pm Fireworks 6:00pm~7:00pm


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QUEEN Special Fireworks Event Ticket


・Date: Nov. 3 (Sun)
・Time: Open 2:30pm~ / Fireworks 6:00pm~7:00pm
・Shuttle Bus (Going) Times:

※ Meet at Cosmo Square Station exit 2. The shuttle bus will take you to the venue.
※ Infants and toddlers that do not require a seat may enter for free. If a seat is required, please purchase a ticket.
※ Seats cannot be selected at time of booking.



Taiyo-no-hiroba Plaza, Maishima Sports Island 2-chome Hokkoryokuchi, Konohana-ku, Osaka, 554-0042


Cosmo Square Station (Osaka Metro Chuo Line)
*Transportation will be provided between Cosmo Square and the fireworks venue.

Activity Information

A special fireworks event, only in Japan

With official endorsement from the band themselves, Japan hosts the world’s first fireworks display set to the hit songs of Queen.
【Limited Seats】QUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS – Rhapsody In The Sky

Fans of Queen and fireworks rejoice!

The hit movie “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and their performance scheduled for 2020 in Japan have made Queen a hot topic of conversation here. In this special event, you can enjoy about an hour of their music and 13,000 fireworks.
【Limited Seats】QUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS – Rhapsody In The Sky

Japan’s top pyrotechicians

The fireworks will be launched by Japan’s top pyrotechnicians, like award-winners of national competitions. Witness the best of what Japan’s master craftsmen have to offer.
【Limited Seats】QUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS – Rhapsody In The Sky


The event will be held in Taiyo-no-hiroba Plaza, Maishima Sports Island, Osaka.
【Limited Seats】QUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS – Rhapsody In The Sky

Transportation to and back!

A shuttle bus will take you to and from the venue.
On the day of, staff will guide you from Cosmo Square Station. Please take exit 2.
【Limited Seats】QUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS – Rhapsody In The Sky

Rhapsody in the night sky

Enjoy a rhapsody blending an explosive display with songs beloved by men and women of all ages. The combination will undoubtedly be one for the ages!
【Limited Seats】QUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS – Rhapsody In The Sky

Option: happi!

Get yourself a happi, a traditional Japanese coat worn during festivals. Perfect for a selfie against the backdrop of colors lighting up the sky.
【Limited Seats】QUEEN SUPER FIREWORKS – Rhapsody In The Sky
※ The happi is not related to Queen or exclusive to this event.
※ The design may be slightly different from the picture.

Important Notes

※ Valid only for the date of.​
※ May be canceled in the event of bad weather.
※ A full refund will be issued in the event of cancellation due to weather.
※ The shuttle bus to and from the venue comes with assigned seating. You will be informed of your seat number at time of boarding.
Cancellation Policy