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Let’s Make Sushi Like a Real Sushi Chef!

  • Get a feel for Japanese cuisine with your own hands!
  • Learn from an actual sushi chef!
  • You can try some sushi art^^
  • Comes with a commemorative photo, recipe, and cute souvenir♪

At A Glance

HostRojiura Sakaba Tombo
ActivitySushi Experience
PlaceDaiichi Building 1F
Time10:30am~12:00pm, 1:00pm~2:30pm
Duration1.5 Hours



13-6 Namba Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 542-0075


5 mins. from Namba Station by foot (Metro Lines)
2 mins. from Namba Station by foot (Nankai Line)


Sushi Experience

49.32 USD

・Duration: 1.5 Hours

Important Notes

Cancellation Policy

The Experience

What do you all think of when you hear “Japan?” The first thing that comes to my mind is sushi. I think most people who travel to Japan have tried sushi at least once.
And I often see a lot of tourists in famous sushi restaurants around Osaka.

Have you ever thought about trying to actually make that delicious sushi yourself?

In Japan, people often make hand rolls, where you roll the contents in a sheet of dried seaweed, but nigiri* sushi, is a little difficult, so it’s not really made at home...

*nigiri sushi is made without seaweed, just fish on top of rice, and wasabi in between

With that, we bring you today’s experience. You can actually learn how to make this nigiri sushi and afterwards, you’ll be able to make it at home. Let’s try making some fresh sushi!

The venue is in Namba, the backstreet restaurant and bar, Tombo.

Take one of the metro lines or the Nankai Railway to Namba Station. It’s about 5 minutes walking distance from exit 1 with the metro, or 2 minutes from the east exit with the Nankai.
▼If you leave from the east exit, this is where you’ll come out.
▼You should see this crosswalk and a Mizuho in front of you.
▼After you cross the street, make a right and keep going until you see this restaurant, Hanamaru Udon. Turn left here.
▼Continue going straight, and Tombo will be on the left.
▼This is what it looks like inside!

We went in and the instructor greeted us with a smile.

▼The ingredients for today’s experience were already waiting for us on the tables. The uniforms were laid out for us too.
▼Chef transformation〜
▼After getting changed, the instructor briefly goes over the history of sushi and what we’re going to do!
▼Put on the gloves, and it’s time to get started!
First, the instructor explains how to mold the sushi.

▼Then, we actually give it a try. He’ll stay beside you and help you out if you have any trouble♪
▼Giving tips on how to mold the shape properly.
I also followed along, copying the steps. I was excited to see them turning out better than I expected!

▼The instructor said I was good, so this is me trying to look like a real pro.
 The gloves are covered in rice though. (lol)

And just like that, we made 8 different kinds of nigiri sushi!

▼The finished set.
Look, isn’t it beautiful? And no, the instructor didn’t make these!
Even a complete beginner like me can make them as nice as this♪

After the nigiri, it’s time for some sushi art, or dekomaki sushi!
Dekomaki sushi is rolled so that when it’s cut, there’s a pattern on the cross-section.

▼We make 5 thin rolls and combine them into one.
▼After cutting it, we’ll be able to see some kind of design. I can’t wait!
▼Ta-da! It’s a flower! (Upper Right)
 (It didn’t turn out perfect, but that’s OK! lol)
The last piece of sushi is finished, so it’s finally time to taste test!
To go with the sushi you made, you’ll also get a bowl of miso* soup.

*seasoning made from fermented soybeans

Maybe it’s because I made it myself, but I felt like it tasted better than usual!

"3 Variety Sake Tasting" Option (+ ¥1500)

▼There’s also an option at this point to try 3 different kinds of sake!
▼Pouring the sake.

Enjoy Japanese culture with sushi and sake!

▼And lastly, we get a present♪
After the experience, you’ll get a polaroid-like photo. You’ll also get a souvenir set with a bowl, rice scoop, and sushi roller! And, you’ll get recipes for the sushi and the miso soup too. So even when you go home, you can make everything again, with your family♪

This time I got to make nigiri sushi for the first time. It was easier and more fun than I expected! Using what I learned today, I’ll have to have a sushi party with all my friends♪ If you’ve come or are going to come to Japan, I think you should give this sushi making experience a try. Take home not only memories, but a new skill too!