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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

The Best Moments, Captured on the Best Film! Featuring Tuk-tuks

  • Free transport to Osaka’s sightseeing spots by tuk-tuk!
  • Have your pictures taken by a professional!
  • Receive the final photos with an exclusive frame!

At A Glance

HostHand Growing
ActivityTuk-tuk Photo Tour
CoursesTennoji, Osaka Castle, Bay Area, Night Bay Area
Duration1~2 Hours



1-chome-14-8, Nambanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka 556-0011, Japan


8 mins. from Namba Station by foot (Metro Lines)
8 mins. from Namba Station by foot (JR Lines)
5 mins. from Namba Station by foot (Nankai Rail) 


Tennoji Course

58.99 USD

・Course: 1 Hour
・Photo Spots: Tsutenkaku (20 Minutes), Abeno Harukas (Window of Tuk-tuk)
・Printed Photos: 2 (with Tsutenkaku, Your Favorite)

Osaka Castle Course

58.99 USD

・Course: 1 Hour
・Photo Spot: Osaka Castle (20 Minutes), Midosuji (Window of Tuk-tuk)
・Printed Photos: 2 (with Osaka Castle, Your Favorite)

Bay Area Course

58.99 USD

・Course: 1 Hour
・Photo Spots: Osaka Aquarium, Megane Bridge, Namihaya Bridge (Window of Tuk-tuk)
・Printed Photos: 2 (with Osaka Aquarium, Your Favorite)

Night Bay Area Course

78.72 USD

・Course: 1.5~2 Hours
・Photo Spots: Osaka Aquarium, Megane Bridge, Namihaya Bridge (Window of Tuk-tuk)
・Printed Photos: 2 (with Night View, Your Favorite)

Important Notes

・This service is a photo service, and not a taxi.
・"t-photo" is a photo service by a professional photographer staff member
・Please follow the staff’s directions during filming.
・Please adhere to the allotted time for the self-shooting location. If you do not return by the specified time, we may stop the service at our discretion. We will not refund the cost paid in this case.
・Please note that the service may end prematurely, in the event that the staff determines continuing is not possible due to such things as sudden bad weather or natural disasters. The cost will not be refunded.
・Please take your valuables with you when getting off the tuk-tuk. Please note that we do not take responsibility for any thefts or loss.
・Please be careful when using your smartphone or camera to take pictures/videos while the tuk-tuk is moving. Please note that we are not responsible if these items are dropped or damage.
Cancellation Policy

The Experience

◆Writer: Mika (DeepExperience Content Creator)

What's a tuk-tuk?

A tuk-tuk is basically a three-wheeled rickshaw that runs on an engine. They use them mostly in Southeast Asia, and their quirky appearance make them very popular with travelers. Even if you've never ridden one before, I'm sure you must've seen it in pictures or on TV. They have different names for it in different countries, but it's called a tuk-tuk in Thailand. They say the name comes from the sound that the engine makes.

This time, we tried out the "t-photo" plan. They took us around to different photo spots in a tuk-tuk. And we had our own personal photographer take pictures for us while we were sightseeing. It was a nice change of pace and a really unique experience!

Starting point, the lively city of Namba

▼8 minutes from Namba station
At Namba Station, find exit 5. Once you get up to the streets, cross the intersection to your right. Go straight past the Daikoku drug store and you should see a FamilyMart after a while. At the next intersection, turn left and continue until you get to the Seiwa Building. You're going to start off here, on the first floor.

▼This is the reception desk.

Now it’s time to get in the tuk-tuk~!

▼Our tuk-tuk.
If you’ve actually ridden one before, you may notice it’s a little bigger than most tuk-tuks in Southeast Asia. It's pretty roomy with two-row seating ♪ They say it fits up to 6 people.

▼All right, let’s get started!
I thought, “Isn’t it dangerous with no windows or doors?” The left side has a chain to kind of close off the entrance, but the right side has railing for those who want to feel a bit more secure. Actually riding in it though, I felt okay^^

It felt like I was in another country, with the music playing in the background and the wind flowing through the open space of the tuk-tuk.

▼My friends, enjoying the ride!
During the ride, we talked with the photographer about tuk-tuks, and he also recommended some places to see in Osaka!

Tour a part of town that's so Osaka, Tennoji Course

You'll arrive at Shinsekai, in the heart of Osaka. Get out of the tuk-tuk and you can already see colorful sights like Tsutenkaku and Jan-Jan Yokocho's large puffer fish sign. So exciting!

▼You decide where to go!
Once you get there, you're free to choose where to go! Check out the places you want to see, and if there's a chance for a good pic, have them take it for you.

Shinsekai's shopping district was full of people and energy! It could honestly give Dotonbori a run for its money. All the stores have their own charm and would make for great pictures.
Our guide said he knew a really good spot, so we went with that.

▼While you're looking around Shinsekai's shopping district, have your photographer take the photos you want!
▼Get natural shots too♪
▼Takoyaki shot♪
What sucks for me with group trips is trying to get a good picture with everyone. Either someone’s left out or it’s a series of reshoots to get the perfect selfie. And I don't really feel comfortable nitpicking photos that I ask strangers to take.

But with your own personal photographer, that's not a problem. I can relax knowing that I’ll have a beautiful picture with everyone to remember our trip together ♪

▼Pro photographer at work
Even with such a large octopus …

▼Both the background and my friends are beautifully captured!
After going through Shinsekai, we returned to the tuk-tuk.
I thought it'd be a nice shot with Tsutenkaku in the background, so we got a couple pictures before heading back!

▼Shot with Tsutenkaku
▼Also, one at the wheel!
▼Picture with the tuk-tuk and Shinsekai in the background.♪
The colorful shops of Shinsekai and of course, the tuk-tuk, reminded me of Khaosan Road from my trip to Thailand!

After all the fun sightseeing, we got back on the tuk-tuk and returned to where we started. On the way, we could see Abeno Harukas as we passed by Tennoji Station!

▼We took a different route going back, so we got to enjoy other sights.

Arriving at the store and getting the photos!

When you get back to the store, you choose 2 of the pictures, and they'll print them out for you. It took about 30 minutes!

▼The finished photo♪
It comes with an exclusive frame!

Choose from 4 different courses

This time we went on the Tennoji Course where we visited Tsutenkaku, Shinsekai, and Abeno Harukas.

There's also the Osaka Castle Course, the Bay Area Course, and the Night Bay Area Course. So choose where and when you want to go♪

At night, the Bay Area has beautiful lights, that give it a completely different vibe and you can get different photos than the day course♪

Why not capture the best moments in Osaka in the best way possible?