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Osaka Maple Road Hike & Foot Spa

  • Amazing Maple Road Hiking
  • Refreshing, Big Waterfall at the End of the Hike.
  • Peaceful Nature in the Mountains, Just 30 min from Osaka Station
  • Foot Spa After Hiking
Duration3 Hours


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Osaka Maple Road Hike & Foot Spa


・Tour: 3 Hours ・ Minoo Station Ticket Gate (Hankyu)

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1-chome-2 Minoh, Osaka 562-0001, Japan


Minoo Station (Hankyu)

Activity Information

Beautiful, green mountain with maple trees

Minoh Maple Road is so amazing.
You can enjoy walking peacefully along the scenic river.
In spring, there are splendid cherry blossoms. In May and June vivid new greenery can be seen. In Summer, children may be playing in the river. In Autumn, the leaves change color. Even in the winter time, you can enjoy the brisk air. It is a place where you can experience the 4 seasons.
Japan has many beautiful mountains with deep forests and rich nature.
Minoh is also well known for its nature with a variety kind of plants and insects.
Hiking is one of the best way to enjoy it.
Osaka Maple Road Hike & Foot Spa Osaka Maple Road Hike & Foot Spa

Minoh Falls, selected as one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan

The goal of the course is the giant (33m) waterfall. While you enjoy the view, you can also have some drinks or snacks, available at the food stands. Just watching the waterfall with its relaxing sound is very therapeautic. Spend some quality time here.
Osaka Maple Road Hike & Foot Spa Osaka Maple Road Hike & Foot Spa

Experience Japanese culture through nature

On the way, you can see several beautiful shrines, photogenic bridges, and some hidden paths where not many tourists have ever gone. Every single place is so refreshing and relaxing. There are lots of scenic areas, and maple tree area is especially breathtaking. If you need, the guide can give you nature advice or tips about walking in mountain area.
Osaka Maple Road Hike & Foot Spa Osaka Maple Road Hike & Foot Spa

Foot Spa at the End

In the end, you can soak your feet in the spa and soothe some of the fatigue.
The foot spa is the best way to cool down your tired body.
Osaka Maple Road Hike & Foot Spa Osaka Maple Road Hike & Foot Spa


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Important Notes

・The tour will be canceled in event of typhoons or heavy rain, but will continue in light rain. Rainy days do have the advantage of being less crowded.
・The path is well organized, basically flat but there are some stairs and slopes. If you can walk 3~4 hours on a normal, you should be fine.
・The amount of walking time is about 1.5 hours.
Cancellation Policy