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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Experience the World of Japanese Theater "REVUE JAPAN~GEISHA&SAMURAI"

  • OSK Nippon Revue Company was founded in 1922, and has been an established musical theater group for close to 100 years.
  • It's an all-female theater group, where women also play the roles of male characters.
  • At "REVUE JAPAN," you can enjoy 45 minutes of elegant Japanese dance.
  • You can enjoy such content as the fight between a samurai and a spider woman and the valiant dance depicting a lion.
  • You can take pictures and videos, as well as give Japanese dance a try.

At A Glance

HostDAIHATSU Shinsaibashi Kadoza
DaysEvery Tue, Thu. 1st and 3rd Sat of each Month
DurationAbout 45 Minutes



1-chōme-19-11 Higashishinsaibashi, Chūō-ku, Osaka, 542-0083, Japan


5 mins. from Shinsaibashi Station by foot (Metro Lines)



29.59 USD

・Show: About 45 Minutes
・If an infant takes up a seat, then the price is the same as an adult.

Important Notes

・May close to prepare the stage
Cancellation Policy

Activity Information

Founded in Osaka in 1922, the all-female musical theater group presents their Revue.

OSK Nippon Revue Company was founded in 1922 as Musical Division of Shochiku, and along with Takarazuka Revue Company and Shochiku Musical Theater make up the "Three Greatest Girls' Revues." It has been an established musical theater group for close to 100 years. Mainly operating in Tokyo and Osaka, OSK challenges to bring new musicals that you can't see anywhere else.

You can enjoy the elegant dance of the geishas and the heroic lion.

Because it's all-female group, the performances from the beautiful geisha, the heroic lion, to the samurai are all played by women. The performers debut on the stage after studying all kinds of dance like Latin, jazz, ballet, and Japanese for 2 years. At "REVUE JAPAN," you can watch the beauty of Japanese dance.

Watch as the fight unfolds between the samurai and the spider woman.

You can record the entire performance, and even try dancing with a troupe member.

"You can record all the video and take all the pictures you want.
You can also try Japanese dance together with a member of the troupe. This is popular."

An historical finale brings things to a close.

Things are brought to close in the finale with the famous cherry blossom parasols arranged to OSK's theme song since 1930, "Sakura Blooming Country."