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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

A Guided Tour with a Professional Photographer from Osaka

  • A tour where you can have pictures taken by a professional photographer.
  • Visit major sightseeing spots and hidden gems for pictures.
  • You can also learn about Japan and Osaka's culture.
  • Take pictures in a beautiful landscape that changes with the seasons.
  • Great for families, couples, lone travelers, surprise proposals, etc.

At A Glance

Time9:30am~, 7:00pm~
Duration1~2 Hours


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Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine Area Photo Tour

62.46 USD

・Tour: 1.5~2 Hours
・Meeting Point: Exit of Nankai Sumiyoshitaisha Station
・Access: 8 mins. from Namba Station by local train (Nankai Main Line)


Namba Area Night Photo Tour

62.46 USD

・Tour: 1~1.5 Hours
・Meeting Point: Apple Store Shinsaibashi
・Access: 5 mins. from Shinsaibashi Station by foot (Metro Lines), 8 mins. from Namba Station by foot


Important Notes

・Please come in comfortable clothing.
・Bringing a beverage in summer is recommended.
・Please understand that you may not be able to participate if you are late.
Cancellation Policy

Activity Information

Take pictures in local areas of Osaka

This is a guided tour with a professional photographer who set out to deal with foreign tourists 3 years ago and has taken pictures of 500 different pairs up to now. Located in the south of Osaka City, near Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine, there are many sightseeing spots like a big, traditional temple, a park with beautiful flowers that bloom in season and a local shopping arcade. This tour is recommended for those who want to get away from the crowded cities, or want to have beautiful pictures taken them and their loved ones, young children. Learn about the history of Osaka and Shinto shrines from your guide, while you have him take beautiful pictures.

Evening photo tour in Namba featuring a beautiful night townscape

There is something for those who have a full daytime schedule too. With a night tour, you can enjoy taking photos with the background of neon-lit streets. Since this tour is located in the thriving Namba area, you have good access from other parts of Osaka, and can easily join. The guide will take you to Glico, AmericaVillage and lesser-known places. You can enjoy photos that are totally different from those taken in the daytime. There are many delicious restaurants and Japanese-styled taverns called "Izakaya" within walking distance, and your guide, who loves eating, will recommended cheap and delicious restaurants. Why not try out a fulfilling-night time experience in the popular Namba?

Upload your photos on Instagram and Facebook without delay!

After the tour is finished, the photographer will process the pictures, and send you the data. You can upload the photos as soon as you receive the download link, which may be provided same day, at the earliest. Show off your memories in Osaka with high-quality photos you can be proud of.

For all kinds of clients

As an experienced photographer, the guide is happy to take photos for those who are honeymooning, traveling with family or alone, or anyone who just wants to have their picture taken. Why not capture special memories like wedding anniversaries or birthdays with beautiful scenery in the background? It will sure to be something you won't forget. Anxiously awaiting people from all around the world!