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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

City Center “Walk on the Water” SUP Tour

  • Go sightseeing through Osaka on a SUP board☆
  • Comes with a guide so beginners can rest easy♪
  • Enjoy together with friends, family, and colleagues alike!
  • You can eat and drink while you watch the view from the board◎
  • Enjoy the view of the city from the river!

At A Glance

ActivityCity of Water Tour Experience
Courses●30 Min: Tour around the 3 large bridges of Naniwa ●60 Min: Tour around Osaka Castle and Nakanoshima Park ●90 Min: Full lap around Nakanoshima
PlaceKawanoeki Hachikenya
DaysSat, Sun, Holidays (Weekdays upon request)
Time10:00am~5:00pm *Please check in at least 10 minutes before the start time.
Duration30 Minutes~
IncludedRental Fee, Guide Fee, Insurance, Miscellaneous Costs



Kawanoeki Hachikenya 1-2 Kitahamahigashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 540-0031, Japan


2 mins. from Tenmabashi Station by foot (Tanimachi Line)
2 mins. from Tenmabashi Station by foot (Keihan Line)


City of Water Tour Experience - 30 Minutes Course

31.96 USD

・Tour around the 3 large bridges of Naniwa: 30 Minutes
・One person booking OK

City of Water Tour Experience - 60 Minutes Course

63.92 USD

・Osaka Castle and Nakanoshima Park: 60 Minutes
・One person booking OK

City of Water Tour Experience - 90 Minutes Course

95.89 USD

・Full lap around Nakanoshima: 1.5 Hours
・One person booking OK

Important Notes

・There is no age requirement, but children must be accompanied by a chaperone.
・The tour will continue in slight rain, but in the event that the tour is cancelled due to bad weather, you will notified through phone or email the night before. (5pm or later)
・The tour will be canceled if there is a warning for storms, tsunamis, heavy rain, flooding, or high tide.
Cancellation Policy

The Experience

◆Writer: Mika (DeepExperience Content Creator)
This time we went on the "Walk on the Water" tour by CitySUP. We went around the Nakanoshima area, symbol of the city of water, Osaka.

"Walk on the Water" is a stand up paddle boarding (SUP) tour. They're pretty popular these days. Basically, you get on a board and go around taking a look at the sights from the water! Like me, I'm sure some of you are thinking, "SUP can be done in the river, not just the ocean?" Apparently, it can. And it's surprisingly fun!

Meet up by Temmabashi Station! In front of Kawanoeki Hachikenya

From Osaka/Umeda, head to Higashi-Umeda Station. Then, take the Tanimachi Line going to Yaominami Station, and get off at Temmabashi. It’s only 2 stops away, so you should arrive in about 5 minutes.

Once you get to Temmabashi, follow the signs to the McDonald’s. There's an exit right next to it (Keihan exit 18). Go outside, make a left, and follow alongside the river. Within 2 minutes, you should see signs for Riverside Station Hachiken-ya.

▼Meet here
As soon as we got there, the board was already waiting for us!

▼Our SUP board^^ It’s pretty big, and seats up to 6 people!
▼And here’s our guide.
Kura-san♪ Looks like all the SUP tours give him a nice tan! (lol)

First, Kura-san gave a simple explanation about Osaka's rivers. Then, as we looked at the map, he went on to explain the route we'll be taking.

▼Kura-san explaining the route, before we board.

30 minute course: “Tour around the 3 large bridges of Naniwa”

Osaka has a lot of bridges and in the 30 minute course, we're going to go through 3 of the largest and most popular ones. We'll also pass by the Nakanoshima Park area. The first stop is Tenma Bridge. After passing under it, we'll make a U-turn and go next to Tenjin Bridge. Then, we'll head to Namba Bridge, where we'll make another U-turn. And finally, we'll go through Barazono Bridge and continue along Nakanoshima Park until we get back.

After going over the course, everyone puts on their life jackets, and then we talk about how to use the paddles.

▼The paddles are bigger than I expected. Seems difficult.

And finally, we're off!

▼Once all the explanations are done, we can get on the SUP board and push off. It can be tough to stand and maintain balance for 30 minutes straight, so they have chairs for us to sit down.
▼First stop, Tenma Bridge. Time to start paddling!
It's so calm and silent on the river that it's hard to believe we're in the middle of a major city. We're still getting used to paddling, but we're closing in on Tenma Bridge.

▼It's the bluish bridge in the background
▼As we got closer, the people on the bridge started waving to us! The people of Osaka are so friendly!
▼We look to the side, and a bird is also welcoming us♪ Kura-san says he's always here! But he's a little shy, so he might fly away if you get too close.

Sit down and relax, or stand up for a challenge! 2 ways to enjoy!

We were getting used to the paddling, so we all gave it a try standing...!
It felt completely different than when we were sitting down, and I had trouble keeping my balance (lol)

▼The 3 in front kept going though.
▼Wow! The 2 in front have got it down! Even posed for the camera (lol)
Next stop, Tenjin Bridge. But before that, maybe a quick break...
Kind of tired. Might've gone a little too hard in the beginning.

▼You're free to bring food and drinks aboard♪
▼Picture time〜!
This river is connected to the ocean, so the water level rises and falls everyday with the tide. Apparently, we went on a day with really low tide. 1.5 meters lower than the highest level! If that's the case, maybe the view changes too!

Look at the bottom of those pillars. Can you see how it's darker there?

▼You can tell how much the tide changes from those dark areas.

Nakanoshima Park’s fountain, goes off once every 15 minutes

The water gets sprayed up to 20 meters high. It's pretty awesome seeing it up close.

And now for the third and final stop, Namba Bridge〜

▼After making a U-turn at Namba Bridge, we’ll pass under the low arched “Barazono Bridge.”
Why the name “Barazono?” Well, “bara” means rose in Japanese and the bridge connects to the rose garden in Nakanoshima Park. It was supposedly named because of this.

Many ships passed by us. The large ones kind of created waves, and it felt like we suddenly got hit by a small storm. Exciting!

▼We also waved hello to the people on the ships as they passed by♪

Go for a "Walk on the Water" and make unforgettable memories of your trip in Osaka!

Doesn't time just seem to pass by when you're out on the water? I always get that feeling when I go to the beach, but it was the same on the river. The SUP tour felt like it was over in an instant.

We went in late April, so unfortunately, we just missed out on the cherry blossoms. But it wasn't cold, and the breeze was nice. A great day to be outside.

You can also enjoy the seasons here. They say you can see trees along the river completely fill with cherry blossoms in the spring and vibrant colored leaves in the fall♪ For hot summers, it must be nice to dip your feet in the cool water too〜

We went for the 30 minute course, but there's also a 60 minute course that takes you through Osaka Castle and Nakanoshima Park, and a 90 minute course around all of Nakanoshima♪

▼One final group photo together!
Why not bring your friends and family and take a "Walk on the Water" together? I’m sure you’ll be able to create special memories of your trip here^^♪