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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Takoyaki Making Experience

  • Let's Try and Make Osaka's Specialty, "Takoyaki"
HostTakoyaki ZiPANG
DaysMon, Tue, Wed, Thu
DurationAbout 1 Hour


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Takoyaki Making Experience


・Experience: About 1 Hour

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2-chome-4-17 Morishoji, Asahi-ku, Osaka, 535-0013, Japan


3 mins. from Sembayashi-Omiya Station by foot (Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line)
5 mins. from Sembayashi Station by foot (Keihan Main Line)
5 mins. from Morishoji Station by foot (Keihan Main Line)

Activity Information

Prepare delicious takoyaki using domestic flour and raw octopus.

Using premium ingedients and equipment, why not try and make Osaka's specialty, "takoyaki?"
Takoyaki Making Experience Takoyaki Making Experience

Important Notes

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