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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Authentic Japanese Cuisine Cooking Classes "Sakura Cook"

  • Let's make and eat authentic japanese food!
  • A variety of classes are available, such as sushi, ramen, tempura, and bentos.
  • The instructor will carefully explain step by step in small classes. No need to worry, even for beginners!
  • High quality ingredients are used so it will be delicious!
  • Great as a group activity for friends and families (kids over 7).

At A Glance

HostSakura Cook
Time11:30am~, 5:30pm~



Room 304, 1-chome−16−16, Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0015, Japan


5 mins. from Namba Station (Exit 26-C) by foot
5 mins. from Yotsubashi Station (Exit 5 or 6) by foot
10 mins. from Shinsaibashi Station by foot


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Cooking Class - Ramen Course

93.21 USD

・Cooking Time: 2 Hours ・Meal: 30 Minutes

Cooking Class - Sushi Course

123.00 USD

・Cooking Time: 2 Hours ・Meal: 30 Minutes

Cooking Class - Bento Course

93.21 USD

・Cooking Time: 2 Hours ・Meal: 30 Minutes

Cooking Class - Sushi Basic Course

72.07 USD

・Cooking Time: 1.5 Hours ・Meal: 30 Minutes

Cooking Class - Tempura Basic Course

72.07 USD

・Cooking Time: 1.5 Hours ・Meal: 30 Minutes

Important Notes

・Age Requirement: 7+
・Address: 1-chome−16−16, Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka, 550-0015 *Call room 304 from entrance F
・You will be participating with other people, so please avoid being late.
・Please specify any dietary restrictions or desired changes at time of reservation (e.g. vegan, vegetarian, halal, food allergies, etc.)
Cancellation Policy

Activity Information

Learn how to make 3 kinds of ramen starting from homemade noodles: "Ramen Course"

"In this 2.5 hour lesson, you will be able to master 3 different kinds of ramen: salt, soy sauce, and miso. First, you will start off with making your own noodles from flour. That may sound difficicult, but once you give it a try, you'll find that it's actually quite fun and easy! Of course, the toppings will also be homemade. You'll make juicy pork, spicy chicken, and crisp vegetables.
Take the freshly boiled noodles and toppings and place them into the 3 kinds of broths and all that's left is to eat!"

Make sushi like a pro: "Sushi Course"

"Let's make sushi, 9 nigiri, 2 gunkan, and some maki sushi! The sushi starts with rice. The ingredients are all high quality products from a famous department store, so you'll be able to make sushi so good you won't believe you made it yourself.
In this class, you won't just learn how to make sushi, but also miso soup from scratch and yakitori. Don't forget to take pictures before you dig in."

Master 7 kinds of homemade dishes in a single lesson: "Bento Course"

Japan's homemade bentos are made by putting many different foods in a small box to provide a well-balanced meal. In this class, you will learn how to make 7 dishes: stewed pumpkin, stewed beef, green vegetables with sesame, fried fish, dashimaki (rolled omelette), fried shrimp, and rice balls. Aesthetics are important when it comes to bentos as well. Choose a box you like and arrange your dishes in an appealing fashion.

Learn the fundamentals in these basic classes.

"Sushi Basics" and "Tempura Basics" classes are available so even complete beginners can join without worry. Go at your own pace and learn the ropes in these 2 hour lessons.
"Sushi Basics" includes 8 nigiri sushi and miso soup while "Tempura Basics" includes 6 kinds of tempura and a simple soup. While these are basic lessons, the ingredients are still high quality, so you'll be able to make a delicious finished product.

Can be made for vegetarians, vegans, halal, etc.

"Most of the lessons at Sakura Cook can be made to accomodate vegetarians, vegans, halal, etc. The price of the class remains the same. Please specify at least 3 days prior. The picture provided is of sushi for vegans.

*The ingredients are not verified to be halal
*The kitchen and equipment are shared between regular classes, so please be aware if this bothers you."