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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Excitement, Laughter, Take Part in the Action, Fun for Everyone: Samurai Cafe

  • Drama, Action, Comedy: This performance has it all!
  • Watch as scenes unfold before your eyes, up close and personal!
  • Take the stage and be part of the action!
  • Get pictures with the cast in costume!
  • Conveniently located, only a 4 minute walk from the station!

At A Glance

HostSamurai Cafe
ActivitySamurai Cafe Show
PlaceSamurai Cafe
DaysTuesday, Friday, Saturday
Time4:00pm~5:00pm, 8:30pm~9:30pm
Duration1 Hour



2-chome-2-2 Honjohigashi, Kita-ku, Osaka, 531-0074


4 mins. from Tenjinbashisuji Rokuchome Station by foot


…Immediate Booking …Request Booking

Samurai Cafe Show

48.07 USD

・Samurai Show: 1 Hour 
・Outside Food and Drinks OK

Samurai Show & Castle Ozen Set

96.14 USD
81.72 USD

・Samurai Show: 1 Hour 
・Includes Castle Ozen Set
・Outside Food and Drinks OK 

Important Notes

Cancellation Policy

The Experience

◆Writer: Ashley (DeepExperience Content Creator)

Easy access from Osaka Station!

Samurai Show?! Since hearing about it from a friend, I'd been curious, "exactly what kind of show is it...?" I couldn't help feeling like I needed to see it with my own eyes, so that's what we did.

We started off at Higashi-Umeda Station, so it didn't take very long at all.
Just take the Tanimachi Line for 2 stops and get off at Tenjinbashisuji Rokuchome (6-chome). After that, it's just a 4 minute walk away.

▼When you get to Tenjinbashisuji Rokuchome Station, head for exit 11.

Samurai, in present-day Japan

Just outside of the exit is a FamilyMart. A samurai will come and meet you here (They'll escort you the rest of the way). We booked the 4:00pm showing, so we arrived a bit early, around 3:45pm. Even so, we only waited about 2 minutes until he came to get us.

▼It feels a little out of place, like a samurai slipped through time and ended up in 2019.
Anyway, thanks to him, we were able to get to the cafe without any problems. You can totally bring in outside food and drinks, so we stopped off to get some takoyaki.

Arriving at Samurai Cafe

▼It didn't take long to get there. Just outside the store, there’s a red banner that reads Samurai Cafe, so it should be easy to spot even without the help. (left) The lanterns at the entrance, give off an enchanting ambiance. But before going inside, we need to take off our shoes and put them in the cubbies (right)
▼Past the curtain, we come into an open space that acts as the stage. There are tatami mats (Japanese straw mats) on both sides of the room. We sat directly on them, but if you're not used to sitting on the floor or would rather sit on a chair, just talk to the staff and they'll bring one out.
▼To start the show, the lights went out and the curtain was lit up with the Samurai Cafe logo. It's a cool design that really leaves an impact. I like it!
The ninja fight scene was really cool too. I’d never seen a performance like that outside of the movies, and seeing it so up close, it was intense.

Oiran*, ninja, and comedy!!

After the action dies down, an oiran slowly saunters on to the stage. Her elegant beauty is accented by the colors of the LEDs, shining through the darkness!

*A Japanese courtesan similar in appearance to a geisha

▼A brilliant performance that blends elements of the future and past
The oiran disappears, and out comes another ninja!
"Princess! Princess! Princess!" his screams fill the room. As he searches frantically, it's clear the princess has gone missing. He suddenly comes to a complete stop, and shouts "here she is!" ...the lost princess was in the audience. He brings her onto the stage as an enemy comes in for an ambush. At closer than arm's reach, the ensuing battle catches her completely off guard.

▼The "princess," with a shocked look on her face. If you like these kind of surprises, then this'll be great for you.
And that closes the first act. Before moving on, they talk a bit about the show. One of the actresses translates to English.

▼A quick pose for the camera. You're also free to post anything on social media. So go ahead and take all the pictures and videos you want!
Now, we’re on to the next act. Another member of the audience is brought on stage. After some simple instructions, they start acting out the scene. There are three samurai, the audience member and two of the performers. They walk past each other, and the audience member suddenly cuts down the other two.
But there were a few hiccups and he had redo the scene 4 times. Maybe he wanted to relieve some stress, because he just kept cutting them over and over...
We were all laughing so hard it started to hurt! Even thinking about it now, I can't help myself!

▼Samurai showdown
It really is important to enjoy things to the fullest. If you've come all the way to Japan, then you've got to take tons of pictures and capture the memories.

While we're still laughing, the actors move on to the next scene. What looks like a feudal lord wearing a flashy orange kimono and a samurai dance onto the stage. The lord spots something! It's a katana! What exactly is he planning to do with a real sword...? The samurai pulls out an orange.
▼Ah, I see what they're trying to do! But that's pretty far! (top) Oh, there it goes!! (bottom)
▼Oooohhhh! The surprised look on his face lol.
▼I guess it was pretty difficult to do, he suddenly broke out into a happy dance. He was moving so fast, the camera couldn’t keep up. >V<
Ahh, the laughs just won't stop. But now a more serious tone sets the room. Maybe the most famous betrayal in Japan, "The Honnoji Incident" is about to start.
▼Near the end scene of the Honnoji Incident
All of the actors and actresses are pros when it comes to action. Their powerful performances, and their swift and agile movements, were really impressive.

Also, there are more acts that I haven’t mentioned, but I’ll leave those for you to look forward to. Definitely give them a visit at Samurai Cafe, you won’t be disappointed!


As the show was coming to a close, the performers showed everyone how to do the Awa dance, one of Japan’s traditional dances.

▼Throwing our hands up to the rhythm of the music. Really simple, but everyone got into it.
Finally, everyone posed together. After the show ended, we all took a picture center stage.

▼The performers taking a final bow.

The best hour of entertainment!

It was a really fun hour!
Laughs just kept coming, serious fight scenes were filled with action, it was an interesting show, and the actors’ passion definitely showed through their performance. I was thoroughly entertained.

5 performers played various roles in a non-stop performance filled with dancing, laughter, and action. Bravo! If they were tired, they didn't let it show. All smiles and stage faces. Well, I guess that’s what you'd expect from true professionals.

By the way, they can provide English and Chinese translation, so you'll be okay even if you don't speak Japanese. If you give them a shot, I'm sure you'll enjoy their performance, like I did. Don’t be afraid to get on stage and have a good time!

After the show, there is an option to try on the costumes. There are a few sets of samurai armor on display, and they're all available to try on. You can also get the oiran costume upon request.

They can be a bit heavy and difficult to put on, so the staff will help you out there. The armor is kind of difficult to move in, but it's worth it for the pictures.

▼The staff helping put on the armor
▼They also sell armor, helmet, and sword goods.
※Not genuine articles, replicas

What?! Lunch in a castle!

Can you guess what this castle is?

It's an extravagant meat ozen set, a new item on their menu, available from April. We got to try it this time as a special treat. If you lift up the roof, you'll see a mountain of meat. There's roast beef, pork, and vegetables. It was all super delicious.

▼If you look closely, you can see samurai swords and ninja stars!
<♪♪Ma Ge Ma Ge Ma Ge Ma Ge Ma Ge Ma Ge♪♪>

Even now it's stuck in my head...
This was the song that played in the background throughout the show. It just keeps playing over and over in my head and it'll probably continue to for the rest of the night. lol